Sunday, 7 November 2010

Bird Watching for Dogs.

Hello there!

When I'm out walking with Old Two Legs, I sometimes act as his 'Bird Dog' especially if he has his camera with him and is stalking a particularly interesting bird.

Charging across the fields is fun, chasing Pigeons and Skylarks. OTL has been trying to get a photo of a Skylark for some time now.

So I help all I can. 

Skylark Chasing!

I normally kick up a few Skylarks but they are too far away for OTL and his camera.

I like it when we go off in the car to special places where OTL sits in a shed waiting for birds to land in front of him. I am all very interested when we first get into the shed but after a while I get bored, unless there is loads of big birds like Geese, they make so much noise!

If they are too noisy I have a little woof and grumble at them to keep quiet, in case they scare off the other birds!

After a while I get bored and go around the shed trying to mug everyone for their for food, the've always got sandwiches and crisps in their pocket. 

Well, OTL gets all embarassed, packs up his stuff and marches me out. I don't mind really, at least I get to investigate some new smells, what a way to spend a Saturday! 

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