Sunday, 28 November 2010


Hi To You All!

Oh Boy! was it cold or what! I went out first thing and all the puddles had turned to ice, slippy, slippy, I was skating and sliding around all over the place!

TM made me put my coat on to keep the cold out, jolly good idea that and OTL's sewing made it all snug and warm for me!

I went for a walk with OTL along the coast wall, cold, a little windy but fun. I was glad to get back home though. It was COLD!

My bottom is cold!

As a treat, TM got me some stewing steak and cooked it up for me, Absolutely Fabulous! I've not had steak all to myself before, I've retired to the bed and have spent the evening asleep.

Life can be so good sometimes! 

See you later,


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