Thursday, 11 November 2010

It's Wednesday, so it must be Grandma's

Hello All!

These Wednesdays come around very quickly, you know, seems like only last week we were at Grandma's house!

We had a super run around before we got to Grandma's,OTL took us around the fields and we found an old tree trunk on the ground.

All Aboard Me Hearties

We had a great time pretending to be pirates, we would be sailing on the high seas, chasing after other ships and taking all their ships biscuits!

I was the brave, Captain Dangerous Daisy and my First Mate was Horrid Holly!

Captain Dangerous Daisy

Horrid Holly, First Mate

Grandma was fun, dancing around the house trying to chase us with her Zimmer Frame. 

Holly got a lick of the Cooking Sherry bottle again!   

We were so late leaving Grandma's that we had our final run across the football fields in the dark, it was great running flat out chasing each other and not see where we were going.

That's why we ran into OTL's legs a couple of times!

Holly nearly got a 'Flip & Roll' to work on him!


  1. hello Daisy You are a handsome girl, holly is lovely as well you really make me laugh with your tales of otl, missus i have tried to leave comments before but this stupid google tells me i put the wrong password in (when i know i havent) so i give up hope you get this meesage it's a wet and windy day in essex so our girls have been grounded to garden exercise not that they want to stay out in the wet for long as i am sure you know hugs ginny

  2. Morning Daisy, Looks like Holly and You had good fun. Hugs from Mary & Dougal x

  3. Ahoy me Hearty,

    Passwords can be a pain in the tail!

    Holly and I were out this morning for a run around the football pitch, there was one of those canvas sand bags that got caught in the tree and was flapping about like a big bird. Made Holly and me jump!

    We also decided that a sleepy day in OTL's office would be the order of the day!

    Daisy & Holly

  4. Ahoy,I spy Marauding Mary and The Tibetan Terror!

    Morning to you both, there be a Force 8 blowing here on the Thames Estuary, batten down the hatches and stand by for windy weather today!


    Daisy(Capt)& Holly (1st Mate)