Wednesday, 3 November 2010

My Special Place

Hi there!

Everyone has a 'special place' they like to go to where they feel safe, comfortable and warm. I've got such a place. I like to sneak off there after coming back from my morning walk or if I want to be quiet  during the day.

After getting a morning brush from Old Two Legs and breakfast from The Missus I have a wander around the house doing my 'tour of inspection'.

I have to keep an eye on these two, if they leave anything laying around I have to clear it up, socks, slippers, bits of paper and OTL's screwdrivers.

Once my inspection has been done I need to settle down for a little nap. 

Now I know that I can't take any of my nibbles to my 'special place' as most of the nibbles I like have smells that 'hang around'. 

I like Roast Pigs Ears, and Dried Chicken Slices and Rawhide Rolls. All of which taste wonderful but tend to 'Honk' a bit! 

If I took them to my 'Special Place' I think I would get into trouble, big time! So, I leave them in my basket, under the cushion, for later.

So, where's my 'Special Place'?

I sneak off to their bed where OTL lays his head each night. It's got a lovely smell of sweaty OTL and I can even smell his breath on it. It makes me feel all warm and safe.

All together....................Aaaah!

Eau De Old Two Legs

The one thing that spoils my snoozette? The Missus, she comes in, crashing about with the vacuum cleaner. That thing roars like a jet engine on heat!

The woman has no soul.


  1. Dougal loves to do the very same thing! Have a dood day. Mary x

  2. I see that Dougal is a dog with good taste, just like me!! Daisy