Saturday, 6 November 2010

A Relaxing Day

Hello World!

I had a lazy day yesterday. 

After getting up and doing all my jobs, I went into see Old Two Legs in his office. He was making such a noise piling things up on his desk, as he says, busy, busy!

I left him alone and went off to see what The Missus was doing.

The Missus is a bit of a tear-a-way when it comes to cleaning the house. She uses the vacuum cleaner like a jet powered bulldozer and anything left on the floor gets either thrown away or shoved into the nearest drawer or cupboard. 

All of which makes for some frantic searching when OTL wants to find something he left out last night. 

Mind you, TM can spend hours looking for her car keys or her glasses after she has 'tidied up'.

I make sure that all my chews and toys are kept safe in OTL's office!

Sometimes when OTL is working I like to stretch out on the sofa and watch a bit of TV, even if it is card making programs, boring, boring, boring!

The only danger to me is when she starts playing with her inks and rollers, the other day she nearly brayered my tail and the number of times I've had to get OTL to brush the glitter from my nose or remove the peel-off's from my tummy, well, I can't count as many!

But as OTL says, it keeps her quiet!


  1. Card Making Programs, Boring? Never! If only I had Daisy's spare time. Know what she means about the glitter though. Dougal has the same problem. Hugs. Mary & Dougal X

  2. Oh Daisy what a life you have... crafting progs on tv and covered in glitter, join the club!! x