Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Silly questions from Old Two Legs

Hello Fans!

Well, there I was sitting quietly, chewing on one of my rawhide chews, when in comes The Missus, 'What have you got there?' she says, 'Are you chewing your rawhide?'..................what's this I thought, a 'Trick Question?'

You know, I've got this lovely soft soggy bit of rawhide hanging out the side of my mouth, my jaws and teeth are giving it 'Wot-for' and she asks if I'm chewing rawhide. I would not mind so much but she is the one who bought it for me!

You know, Old Two Legs can be a bit like that as well.

There I am, digging this wonderful hole in the garden and he creeps up behind me, 'What are you doing?' he asks!

'I'm Flying a Plane' or 'Swimming The Channel' doesn't seem to impress him very much!

Better still, after a hard days running around keeping all the Monsters and Greasy Badgers out of the house, a girl needs to catch up on her sleep. So, what do I hear? 'Hello Daisy, are you asleep?'........No, this is me running up the stairs and chasing Badgers!
Me, Running up stairs!

Mind you, I do sometimes get my own back, like when OTL is asleep in the armchair, I jump up and give his ears a good licking and ask him, 'Are you asleep then?'

I wonder if Jake & Sabrina do this to Andrea when it's time to get up? Bet they do! Why should dogs in the U.S.A. be any different from us? Lick on Lads!

Hey, I've just come across a picture OTL took when we were on holiday in Scotland and I was missing Holly a bit. 

I wish Holly was Here
That beach was Fantastic! A girl could run flat out for miles and also OTL did not mind me digging holes anywhere I wanted, it was a Brilliant holiday!

Ho Hum, back to guarding the house, chewing on some rawhide and catching up on my sleep.

See you all soon!


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