Friday, 19 November 2010

Work, work, work!

Hi Everyone,

Here I am again!
Boy have I had some fun today. I went to work with OTL in the car.

He loaded up the boot with his tools and off we went miles away from home into a busy yard where there were large lorries that were just oozing smells!

While OTL was doing something inside the lorry I stood guard over his tools in the car. There were loads of men walking around, dressed in bright yellow suits!
These men were walking around trying to look all big and tough, with loud voices and shouting at each other. That was, until they noticed me, then it was all coo-ee, nice doggy an tickle under the chin time. They weren't really as tough as they were trying to be!

I sat and guarded OTL's stuff and a couple of times I had to woof away some of the men 'cos they got too close to the car, but they only laughed at me!

Just see what would happen if they put their hand in the window.

I've got sharp Terrier Teeth!! Grrrr!

OTL weren't too long and we went off to have a look at some new woods on the way home and I think I saw a Rabbit, but it saw me first and was down it's rabbit hole quicker than a Greasy Badger! 

OTL has promised to take me out on Saturday to do some bird watching, now that will be fun, loads of people with food in their pockets!

Bye for now!


  1. Well done Daisy... I am so proud of my brave little puppy ...hugs from 'The Missus' xx

  2. So now you have Guard Dog qualifications! Well done Daisy, You certainly deserve a treat. Hugs, Mary & Dougal X