Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Monday is Fun Day!

Hello to you all!

Daisy and Holly back again.

All this Christmas thing has left us worn out. Old Two Legs said it was time we got some good fresh air and a bit of a run out. That sounded good to us, we've not had a good long walk for at least three days!

So, after our early morning walk, a brush all over and a bit of breakfast and a snoozette to settle our tummy's, OTL gathered up his walking boots and called us out to the car, 'Come on Girls'.

Adventure time!

Holly and I were in our normal place in the car, looking out of the window and sticking our tongues out at all the other drivers, we woofed at a Jack Russell who was sitting on the rear parcel shelf of his car, he went potty at us! 

We didn't care, he couldn't get to us, so we did it some more!

Then, as we went round the last corner, there it was, The Farm, Yippee!

Soon we were out and sniffing the air for the Badgers that live here.

We see no Badgers!
 A little later we met an old Spaniel who said she had not seen a badger for ages, but wished us luck with the hunt!

No Badgers Here!
Finally the hunt for Badgers ceased and we went off in search of Rabbits, but we had the same sort of results, nothing!

OTL tried to photograph a Fieldfare but we running about barking so much we scared the bird away, poor Old Two Legs, and he does try so hard to creep up on these birds!

About the only thing that he can photograph is the landscape, at least that doesn't fly or run away!

Snow Vista
We got home all tired and sleepy after that walk, OTL had to carry both Holly and me for a little way 'cos we got exhausted running around. It was good to cuddle up to OTL, his face was nice and warm on our fur, which was a little cold, wet and muddy!

Back home to a warm bed and a meal of chicken that The Missus had cooked for us.

We had another early night 'cos OTL has got to go back to work in the morning and we are going with him to keep him safe and afterwards we are off to see Grandma. Another long day!

Bye bye for now and see you all again tomorrow.

Daisy & Holly

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