Wednesday, 8 December 2010

What is this all about?

Hello, a confused Daisy here,

I've been looking at this tree we got down stairs, the one with the twinkling lights and wonder why Old Two Legs and The Missus have put it up.

Even more, Mr Snowy has me thinking they've really lost it, I mean, Snowy doesn't even woof at the postman!

OTL left the TV on downstairs and someone was telling 'The Christmas Story' to the children. So, I sat in his chair and watched it. Well, it wasn't diner time yet.

That will teach me, I think I am even more confused now. They started off by telling a story that involved kings and some camels, and a moving star going across a sandy desert sky.

I suppose it was a bit like the time when me and OTL saw the International Space Station go across the sky as we went out for our late night walk on the beach. Although, I didn't follow it along the beach and I didn't see any camels!

Then it all got a bit mixed up because I was just starting my second sleep and they were talking about a carpenter on a horse and stopping at a pub for the night. It was the camel in the pub I could not understand, now, anyone knows you can only bring dogs into a pub, the camel has to stay in the stables with the horses. 

The reason horses aren't allowed in pubs, is because they take up too much room at the bar!

It was then that I fell asleep and dreamt that Holly and I were riding horses and chasing camels through the woods.

Maybe tomorrow I'll find out some more!

Bye for now,



  1. Hi Daisy, Life is really confusing sometimes, isn't it. Hugs Mary & Dougal X

  2. Confusing? I should say so, has Dougal worked it out yet and what is the significance of Mr Snowy?

    These Two Legs really need to get it together you know!

    Kissy kissy see you soon,