Saturday, 11 December 2010

Holly, Holly, Holly

A Big Hello to you all,

What a day I've had!

I got up rather early today, well somewhere around five in the morning, I just could not sleep any more. I was excited and thinking about Holly and the fun we were going to have with Old Two Legs.

I just had to share it with The Missus, so I did my 'Wake Up' woof and then woofed some more to make sure she heard me.

The Missus did not seem so excited as me, even after I jumped up and gave her a lick on the ear and told her what Holly and I were going to do. She's not very imaginative first thing in the morning!

So, I dodged past her and rushed up stairs, jumped up onto OTL's bed and licked his ear and told him about my plans, he then told me about his plans which included taking my tail away, selling me to the Dogs Home and he said I would be kept on dry biscuits and water for the rest of my life!

He doesn't mean it really, and we had a cuddle before he went back to sleep again!

It wasn't long before OTL went off to see Grandma and TM and I went off to see Holly, well, as we got closer to her house I was getting SO excited, I recognised her street and house and was woofing and whining and jumping about trying to get out of the car before TM had stopped!

Looking for Holly

The car door opened and I rushed to her front door woofing and I could hear her woofing as well! The next couple of hours was a mixed up blur of Holly and me racing around the kitchen and garden, mud, fun and fur.

What a welcome!!!

We puppy's know how to have fun!

See you tomorrow,

Daisy & Holly