Saturday, 8 January 2011

Friday's Our Day

Hello all,

Daisy & Holly back again, a little sore on my shoulder and Holly has had some bad news!

Today started off well, we went out with Old Two Legs for a run across the fields. It was chilly and there was this misty sort of rain. No real problem to us super fit pair of puppies!

We started off across the field, I thought I saw a fox and got almost out of sight before deciding it was nothing but a plastic bag blowing in the wind. Holly had chased after me but gave up earlier cos' she wanted a wee.

Half way around the field the rain came down a little heavier and a little wetter, by the time we got home we were soaked through to our skins, so was OTL 'cos he's got more skin than both of us!

As normal, a good rub down with our towel and a brush and we were as right as rain!

We spent most of the day in with OTL in his office, just snoozing, waking only for a snack and to mug him for a little of his lunch.

Expert Snoozers
You don't realise just how much skill there is in snoozing mid morning!

Then it was time to go to the vet...........! I'd almost forgotten about that!

You could tell it was an important visit, The Missus came along as well and brought two leads with her, serious visit this was going to be!

First of all we got weighed, I was 6.5kg, Holly was a whopping 7.4kg!

I have always said she is a 'Porkie Puppy' and gets too much food, I mean, she is the Master at Mugging!

The vet says she should only eat what I eat and she should settle down to a sensible weight.

I got the Booster injection, it wasn't as bad as I remember, but best of all, Holly had one as well! OTL said that he wanted to have us synchronised, whatever that means, but we will both have to have it again at the same time next year!

On the way home we stopped for a run at the Country Park next to the river. It was pouring down, but after the vets, it was great. We were running along the path by the river when around the corner came six big Labrador dogs on leads with three women looking after them. Holly and I were running 'free' 'cos OTL trusts us to come when he calls us, (Fat Chance!) The funny thing was, as we got next to the Labradors OTL says in a loud voice, 'Come on Girls, leave them alone!' 

I mean, who is he kidding? 

But it did look good as we left them alone and ran after OTL!

See you tomorrow, it may even stop raining!

Bye Bye for now,

Daisy & Holly

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  1. You were both very brave puppies yesterday ....well done x