Monday, 24 January 2011

Map Reading in the Orchards

Hello to you all, D&H back again!

We've had a good Sunday here in North Kent, weather not brilliant but at least it wasn't raining.

The Missus took us out first thing this morning and we had a super time chasing each other across the fields. We even found a pile of horse poo the path which Holly wanted to roll in, but she didn't fancy the bath when she got in, so she left it alone!

The morning was spent with Old Two Legs, messing about in his office and at one time we were all sitting on his chair having a snooze, including him!!!

We decided to go down to the New Park and this time TM came with us. When we got to the car park we started of by woofing to announce our arrival. TM told us off for making such a noise, but we didn't care!

Soon we were out of the car and saying hello to a rather smooth looking sheep dog type, she was getting on a bit so we were very respectful and didn't woof or run about. OTL said we were good girls for behaving properly.

Hello Missus!

OTL decided we would go through the Orchard Path today, which was new to us. We went past the pond and Holly said she fancied a swim, but it was too cold and anyway she didn't bring her swimming costume with her!

Too cold for swimming.
The orchard path was great, there were not so many dogs on the path and we had the chance to do some serious running.

Because we were new to the path, Holly tried to point out the landmarks shown on the map she kept in her pocket. The problem was,TM had left her glasses in the car and just could not make out the trees and bushes Holly was trying to point out.

Can you see the tree over there?
Holly was getting wound up and suggested that maybe TM should be enrolled onto a course in Orienteering!

TM said she didn't need that 'cos she'd got OTL to read the maps!

See you tomorrow!

Daisy & Holly

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