Thursday, 6 January 2011

Mid Week Mayhem!


Daisy & Holly back again!

We've been having some fun today, Old Two Legs has been trying to catch up with his office duties, loads of paper, emails all over the place and he had to make up some bits for his customers as well.

Now normally that would not be any problem, but, Holly was trying her 'Woof' trick again!

Around midday, she went up to OTL in the office and sat next to him and woofed. Then she woofed again, and again, and again. Poor OTL was confused until he saw what the time was. 'I suppose it's Walkies Time' he said, pretty stupid question I thought!

Off we went for our midday run around the park. We met Jake the greyhound, we had some fun chasing him. Now that we know how to turn quickly, when he tries to chase us, it is good fun turning the tables on him! He even ran in between OTL's legs and stayed there for a reassuring stroke, the wimp!

After the walk and a little light lunch, Holly tried the 'woofing' trick again but OTL was having none of it, he sent us off to the bedroom to stand guard over the front path, from the window.

When there is no one there it gets BORING!

He's getting too clever that OTL!

All the work Old Two Legs has been doing means we have to go down the carriers. We stayed in the car this time and made sure no one comes near. We woofed at the delivery man in the van, then we woofed at the man who runs the place and finally woofed at his wife so she should not feel left out.

Then we jumped up at the window and laughed at them and they laughed at us!

We listened to OTL when he was on the phone and found out that he has made an appointment for Holly and me to visit the vets on Friday. It looks like injections and worming tablets again!

We will be weighed and a note made in the records, I bet Holly has put on 20 kilo's since the last visit, I reckon it's the sausages she mugs from OTL and The Missus, a real 'Porkie Puppy'!

See you tomorrow, OTL has promised to take us down to the Country Park at midday, just for a change!


Daisy & Holly

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