Saturday, 26 February 2011

Friday & Carrots & Holly & Line Dancing & Pylons!

Hello there!

Daisy & Holly here again.

I must tell you about Holly and her carrot. We have been given a whole carrot each over the last few days and while they are OK, one a day is a bit much for me.

You can have too much of a good thing. Well, everyone except Holly. She just loves crunching up a big juicy carrot. She will carry it around the house with her, lay down and have a little chew, fall asleep cuddling it, wake up, have another crunch and take it onto the next snoozing place.

That's OK by me, what ever floats your boat!

Just lately, she has taken to believing that I'm going to take her precious carrot away from her and eat it myself. She keeps doing the 'Low Down Growl' every time I am near to her and sometimes even when I am not!

She's getting too possessive with her carrot!

Old Two Legs took us out on an Adventure today over to The Lakes, we had great fun chasing the Moor Hens across the paths. We said hello to a load of other dogs, all out for their afternoon walk.

There was a very nice King Charles Cocker Spaniel called Tuppence, as opposed to Two Pence!

Hello me Old Cocker!
OTL took us on a long path alongside the river, me and Holly ran ahead sniffing out all the good sniffs.

There was a time when OTL was playing about with his camera, taking pictures of a Pylon, yes, we think it strange as well.

Anyway, as we waited for him to catch us up, Holly and I decided to practice our Line Dancing and we were going great guns, doing the Side Stepping Front Paw Kick.

We did not see OTL creep up on us and it was only when the camera shutter went that we realised he was there!

Line Dancing!
So, just to get our own back, here is his Pylon!

There you go, which is the daft picture now?

See you tomorow!


Daisy & Holly

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