Friday, 4 February 2011

A Hard Day being a Puppy!

Hello You All!

We have been Busy Busy Busy today, we got up late, again, Old Two Legs was ready to go out before us this morning!

The social circle up on the Field, so many smells, so little time!

Then it was a spot of lunch and then away with OTL to the New Park for a two hour run!

We met a sneaky Alsatian who pretended to be a horse and crept around the back of the notice board and went Boo!

He almost made me jump out of my fur!

We had a game of 'Chase' with him, he chased and we ran away!

Then this very old large hairy sort of sheep dog came by and said 'Hello Youngsters' and we said hello back and told her where a good smell was and she thanked us and said that her nose was not as good as it was when she was our age.

Here's a Smell
We went all the way around the Orchard and I climbed onto a ball of wood which Porky Puppy Holly could not get up on. So, I teased her calling her a Lump and Short legs and she went potty trying to get me!

Queen of The Castle!
 When I finally jumped down she tried to chase me and knock me down, no chance! I'm much faster than Holly at running!

Holly showed off, she would not share any smells with me and when OTL stopped for a sit down on seat she jumped up beside him and sulked!

Holly having a Sulk!
OTL called her an Old Grumble Guts and tickled her tummy and then her ears, she soon began to laugh and jumped down to chase me again!

Holly running after me!
We both fell asleep going home, we were tired little puppies.  The Missus cooked us some liver tonight, it tasted wonderful.

Big full tummies meant that we spent most of the evening having our 'after dinner snooze' only to wake up in time for a wee in the garden before going to bed proper!

See you all tomorrow, we're off to see Uncle Stuart in the afternoon, he's never met Holly, this should be good fun!



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