Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A Long Monday Morning

Hello to you all,

Holly here again.

Daisy has been causing us some concern here, last night she went to bed early, followed by me at about eleven, as normal.

About one in the morning Daisy was sick again, then the poohing started and she made a mess everywhere! Old Two Legs had to get up and clean it all up and just as he was about to head back to bed, yep, Daisy did it all over again!

Poor OTL, he spent the rest of the night clearing up after Daisy and keeping close to her to make her feel sort of safe.

He also had to look for the signs and rush her out to the garden before she made a mess, sometimes he made it and sometimes he didn't!

Well, about six this morning it all took a turn for the worse and it was decided that a visit to the vet was the next step.

Daisy was a sad looking puppy!

Off went OTL with Daisy tucked under his arm and he got her into see the vet straight away.

The vet decided that, after examining her tummy and inspecting the pooh Daisy had dumped on his waiting room floor, (Daisy can always put on a good show when necessary!)

He said that she had picked up a bug or something that had bit her back with a vengeance!

She's got some medicine to mix with our water and some other stuff to stop her poohing for a while.

And OTL got the bill!

Daisy will get better soon but OTL may not, Daisy said his face went white when he saw how much it was, he said to the vet that he was only paying for Daisy and not for everyone else this week!!!!

Daisy has spent the day curled up on the sofa feeling all sad and sore and I stayed next to her to keep her company.

Daisy asked me to say hello to everyone and she will be back again as soon as possible.

Luv to you all,

Holly & Daisy

P.S. If you want to see what sort of job me and OTL did on TM's cards, click on this link:-
Hand Made Cards by Eileen

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  1. Hi Holly, Give our love to Daisy, Hope she feels better soon. Hugs to you both, from Mary & Dougal XXX