Thursday, 31 March 2011

A Horse Laugh Today!

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with a report on todays fun and games.

First of all, The Missus took us out for our morning walk around the Fields.

When we go out with Old Two Legs, we go the shortest way to the field, just up the road. When TM takes us we have to walk for a greater distance on the footpath because she goes sort of anti clockwise. Well this means we get to see the horses first.

Normally we just say hello with a woof because they are across the other side of the paddock. This morning, we did our normal thing and we were let off our lead at the beginning of the footpath and we went to say 'hello' to the 'Neddies', as normal, they were across the other side of the paddock, so we woofed a 'hello' and they just turned their heads to see who was making a noise.

Holly, being Holly, decided to have some fun and ask a silly question, like, 'If horses are so clever, why do they stay locked up in the field instead of galloping all over the green fields?' or something like that.

As we were looking through the fence, we did not see another horse standing behind the tree, he cleared his throat and said 'Good Morning Ladies', good and loud!

Well I was so surprised, I took off like a rocket on legs, Holly was half way through the woof, but when the horse cleared his throat, her 'woof' sort of subsided into a small '..oof'!

She spun around, fell over onto her bottom, rolled over and shot down the path towards me!

I'm sure the horse was chuckling, but we were too far away to hear!

OTL took us out for a walk around mid morning 'cos the computer was making a funny noise and he had to get a new bit for it. While we were out he took us into the 'Doggy Shop' !

Oh, the smells in that place, must be like doggy heaven, they were wonderful!

OTL got some biscuits and some dry chicken strips, one of our most favourite snacks and while he went off to buy his computer bit, he left us in the car with a big Chicken Strip each!

Now if you want us to be all attentive and listening to every word you say................try chicken strips!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


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  2. Huh! I removed my last post cos my speeeling woz auful!.

    What I wanted to say was..... we will be seeing the horses again today .... best you check behind the trees before you start with the woofin!!!

  3. Dougal says chicken strips definately do it for him. Hugs, Mary & Dougal XXX

  4. Yo Dougal Mate!
    It's good to see you have the same sophisticated taste as us!