Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A day Baby Sitting with The Missus

Hello all!

We've been out with TM today baby sitting The Boys.

Just for a change instead of charging around the garden when we got there, we asked TM to take us down to The Lake.

It was great fun chasing around, saying hello to all the dogs we met, plus the ducks and geese.

Holly still wants to know if they taste like chicken!

All this running about made us both thirsty and hot, so, Holly said she was going in for a swim, but she only got as far as her tummy before she turned around and came out!

Thinking about it!

Decided against it!
She said that a paddle was as good as a swim on a warm sunny day like today!

We found an old log that The Boys climbed all over and Holly, being Holly, just had to climb as well. I'm sure that in a previous life she must have been a monkey!
Don't wobble the log Holly!
We got TM to take a picture of us with The Boys and Holly thinks that they got almost as much fur on their heads as we have!

Who clips your fur?
After a while they went into the playground where us doggies aren't allowed, so we crashed out in the shade of the fence.I think it was the first time we had stopped all day!

At last a rest!
It was good to get back home and see Old Two Legs, poor lad had been working so hard all day!
After dinner, we just crashed out, it has been a very tiring day and we are a couple of sleepy puppies so I think we may even have an early night, if OTL gets our beds out before sitting down to watch TV! 

Not long now before we are off for a few days break, going to see the sheep and lambs, just like last year!

There is a great long beach with loads of space to run about, Holly and me are getting excited about seeing it all again!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Sounds like you two had a very tiring day, Enjoy the sheep and lambs but keep your distance, they eat little puppies like you.

  2. Mike is right girls!.... the farmer will be watching as well! Leads on!!!!! sorry xxxx