Monday, 4 April 2011

Mothers Day for The Missus & Us

Hi All!

We're back again.

A Big Happy Birthday Woof to MaryB and Hi to Dougal, Yo Lads! have a Grrreat day and not to much of the cooking sherry!

What a super day this has been, we woke up good and early to woof off the cats and The Missus joined in with us, first she woofed at the cats then woofed at us for woofing at the cats in the first place!

So, as she was awake, we jumped up and gave her a good Mothers Day, wake up lick on the ear.

Well, Holly had one ear and I had the other!

What better way to start the day than that?

After our early walk we spent the morning in the garden, playing chase with the birds and chewing on a carrot, the sun was bright and warm on our backs and I even got a little bit of a sun tan on my tummy.

It was either that, or I might have rolled in something a bit grubby!

Just before lunch time Old Two Legs and TM got dressed up in their 'going out' clothes, Holly thought we might be left alone again, but no, we got to go in the big car and off we went to Holly's old house. It was fun seeing the boys again and everyone went out to have a 'Mothers Day Lunch'. We couldn't go because we are not allowed into the building, so, we had our own Mothers Day Lunch and a snooze on the new furniture which we can only go on when everyone goes out and leaves us alone!

Also, we got given a 'Meaty Postman', it was a meat flavoured biscuit in the shape of a Postman. It tasted wonderful, Holly and me took turns in chomping our way through that while everyone was out.

Mighty Meaty Matey!
 It was a relaxing day really, eating sleeping, running around and finally a snooze before going to bed.

I reckon we got Mothers Day sorted you know, if there are any more this year we'll know exactly what to do next time!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Yes, it was a super,lovely day and you two were very well behaved .... for a change! xx

  2. Thanks for the Birthday Wishes, had a lovely day & so did Dougal. Hugs M&D

  3. On 8th May it is Mothers Day in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Japan so maybe you could work on that. There must be a way of making them think they have gone Abroad! Otherwise on 19th June it is Fathers Day so Daisy and Holly look forward to more special treats. I am on your side.

  4. What did you get TM for Mother's day Daisy?

  5. Mmmmm .... your putting ideas in her head Sue! Daisy gave me an old bit of chew Mike .... lovely ......not!