Friday, 1 April 2011

A Woofing Good Day!

Hello Out There!

D&H back again, full of fun and mischief!

It was a bit blowy this morning, Old Two Legs took us out for our morning stroll around the 'Estate', when we turned the corner by the shops, the wind hit us straight on the muzzle! It was the bits of rain in the wind that turned us off the idea of a walk and we tried pulling backwards so we could go home again. OTL was having none of that and marched us up to the fields as normal.

It was OK after we had got onto the field, the rain stopped but the wind carried on blowing a bit, best of all, it wasn't that cold!

We got to the horses and saw then hiding against the wall on one side of the paddock, we didn't woof at them this morning, in fact we turned around and went back along the path again, we don't get caught twice!

Auntie Angela came around this morning and brought Sophie with her, they were here to splash the glue pot around again, it is just a blur of arms and glue brushes when they get going! Needless to say, The Missus was joining in and going crazy at the same time. It amazes us how they can all do that, AND, gas away at the same time!

We escaped!

OTL took us out in the car as he had some jobs to do and afterwards we went down to the New Park.

We were wandering around catching up on the sniffs when OTL shot off the path and headed across the field. We followed, thinking there might be some fun happening, when, there in front of us, standing together, were the oddest looking 'Neddies' we had ever seen!

No, we are Not Neddies!
Well, for a start, we weren't going anywhere near those things without them being on their lead and we told OTL that!

Wot The .......?
OTL said they were  Alpaca or Llama's, he thinks they are Alpaca's but he's not sure. We were not sure either and when we got closer they sort of 'Whistled' at us and stamped their foot.

Oooh!' said Holly, 'Don't they get cross quickly!'

Whistling Alpaca!
It was then that Holly cracked a joke,

'Where does Al-paca his lunch?..........Under his Llama of course!'

I swear that girls getting worse as she gets older!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. @ Holly ...... you need to get a new joke book Holly! but I still luv ya ..... the missus x

  2. Oh Holly you are funny!!!
    I think TM must have been gasing more than us yesterday as I didnt see a completed card!!! Thank you for a lovely day and thanks for being so gentle with Sophie. I think you have a new fan in your club! xx

  3. 'ere.... the 'Not Neddies' look as if they have 'roll neck sweaters' on !! soooooo funny xx