Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Squirrel Shake

14th May

Hi to you all!

D&H back again and the blog site is still having problems!

We've been with The Missus all day today as Old Two Legs has gone out looking at birds again.

Spotted Flycatcher?
 A sort of lazy day, eating, snoozing and standing guard just in case a squirrel tried to pinch OTL's Fruit & Nut Chocolate!

Waiting for a Squirrel to appear!
Holly tells me that when I see a squirrel, I start to shake and twitch, like I want to explode into action and go after the squirrel.

Of Course I Do!

Silly Holly!

OTL & TM call it 'The Squirrel Shake' and laugh at me getting all excited!

Only trouble is, they then tell me not to woof!

I mean, get excited and not woof?


OTL came back and we went for a walk up the woods, chasing squirrels and pigeons that were poking around on the forest floor. We never catch them but it is always worth a try!

We are off to bed early tonight 'cos TM is off early to hear the 'Dawn Chorus' at a RSPB site, but, she has got to get up at two thirty in the morning so she can get there by four!

As OTL said, she can get up, we're staying in bed!

But it does mean an early night for her!

Bye Bye for now,


Daisy & Holly

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