Sunday, 8 May 2011

It's a dogs life in the Forest!

Hello Workers!

D&H here from sunny Norfolk!

It has been a really lazy Sunday today, we got up late, had a super breakfast, mugged Old Two Legs for some bacon from his breakfast and we got a little wet when The Missus took us out for our morning constitutional!

OTL gave us a rub down with a warm towel and a lovely brush to get the knots out of our fur!

A little later the sun came out and we got OTL to take us out for another walk in the forest. I mean, if you are on holiday you've got to enjoy it!

We spent time looking out of the caravan window at the world going by and then woofing at anyone that looked dodgy! That includes the birds and the squirrels and any stray dogs that pass!

Holly & OTL on Guard!
With Holly on guard duty I could relax and have my snoozett without worrying!

When we go out for a walk we have to stick to a path in the wood where everyone is supposed to go if you have a doggy with you. Now, I'm all for a peaceful life and I understand that we all have to get on with each other, but as Holly said, they surely can't expect us to pee in that!

If they think we are going to pee in that, they're going to be disappointed!
We have been chasing squirrels all day and now the evening has come we are both a little worn out, so we've taken over OTL's seat and sent him out to fill up the water tank!

Do not disturb, unless you have chicken or some liver freshly cooked!
Tomorrow OTL is going out bird watching and has told us that the RSPB don't allow dogs on their sites, spoil sports, but as Holly said, we don't allow birds at our dog shows!

A big WOOF to all the lads including Jaspers and Dougal, the smells here are terrific, you would just love them!

See you tomorrow,

We've got a whole day with TM, that should be fun!


Daisy & Holly

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  1. Glad you two are enjoying the forest and all the smells.