Sunday, 22 May 2011

Pesky Squirrels and all that.

12th May

Hi Everyone,

D&H back again!

We are having problems up loading to our blog, we tried to load yesterdays news and the system told us we couldn't! So, we are going to get Old Two Legs to have a look and you may get a few days adventures all at the same time!

Every time we try to up load we get the 'Blogger is currently unavailable' , not sure if it is us or them!

Today we spent all day with The Missus, we got walked and then we went onto 'Squirrel Watch' 'cos there's a pesky squirrel that hangs about around the tree near out caravan and when we are inside the caravan it comes down from the tree and prances up and down in front of us! 

Pesky Squirrel
 Well, Holly and me go potty!

We are woofing and trying to get out of the window and the squirrel sees we can't get to it, so it dances up and down again blowing raspberries at us!
One day we will be able to get out of the window, we'll make it dance then!

OTL came back after his day out and had one or two snaps that looked OK.

This is is a Black Headed Gull with one leg.

Capt'n Seagull

And this is a Reed Warbler.
Reed Warbler
When he got back, went out with OTL into the forest and saw a deer, as it ran away it's white bottom was flashing like indicator lights, sort of  'I'm off and I'm going this way!'

Holly and I thought that was funny but we didn't bother to chase it 'cos we knew dinner would be on the table when we got back and we both felt a little peckish!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

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