Sunday, 26 June 2011

Brrrm! Brrrm! and all that

Hello Woofers,

D & H back with you again.

Wow! What a scorcher it has been today! It started off this morning all cloudy with a little bit of wind but as the day went on it just got hotter and hotter.

I even spent some time in the garden catching up on my sun tan!

We were out good and early with Old Two Legs, having a run across the fields, good fun that is 'cos there is always horse poo on the path and Holly likes to tease OTL by picking up a lump and running off with it while he jumps up and down shouting NOOOOOOO!

We watched the F1 Racing and was most upset that Lewis and Jenson were not up there collecting trophy's.

Next race is Silverstone, so we are keeping our claws crossed for a win from either of the lads!

We had a couple of walks around the Sea Wall, first with OTL then later, OTL and The Missus. Well it was too hot for card making indoors and a run alone the wall is great way to get fresh air.

One of the good things about sun shine is, it bring people out onto the Sea Wall, with picnics and picnics mean food we can mug!

Well we do try but OTL calls us off before we can get into serious 'Mugging' mode.

I was playing our normal 'chase' along the wall when all of a sudden, OTL was gone!

Where's OTL?
Holly spotted him hiding below the sea wall so we both chased him along the beach, woofing and barking at the sea gulls.

Holly spotted a rabbit so we both dived off into the long grass to chase it.

I can't see it Holly!
After a while we decided it was lost and even my expert way of looking over the grass didn't manage to spot him again!

Not here either!
  After a while we decided it was too hot for rabbits, so we went back home again.

All the way back we were Ooo'ing to OTL's music in the car and woofing at the other dogs we see.

Poor TM gets all in a state when we do the woofing bit, she thinks that the other dogs can hear us or see us scrabbling at the windows, we don't care though 'cos they can't get to us, so we can say what we like to all of them!

See you all tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly


  1. it was too hot to do anything but sit down and have a cold drink.