Thursday, 9 June 2011

I don't like to be rushed!

Yo Ho Woofers,

It's us back again.

It has been all rush today, first thing there was the 'getting up', we got up to woof at a noise outside the window, at three thirty this morning. I just couldn't get back to sleep again

So, knowing how OTL Two Legs likes a chat, I jumped up and sat on his pillow and helped clean his ear before engaging in meaningful conversation.

He was all 'Grumbly', said something like 'gerrofmyheadandgetbacktoyerownbedbeforeIshutyouintheshed!

Well, I think that was the meaning anyway!

He does love a joke does OTL!

Lunch time we went down to the Sea Wall to have a walk, we had just got into the walk when OTL gets a phone call from The Missus wanting us and the car back ASAP 'cos she's got to go baby sitting.

Well, I hadn't completed my walk and stuff. A girl can't be rushed on these things, you've got to find a suitable sniff close by then make sure there is no one looking and the wind isn't blowing the wrong way. It all takes time, and there is TM shouting hurry up down the phone!

A good place for a wee?

Called back Home!
 Just wait till she goes to the loo, Holly and me will give her thirty seconds and then let out such a howling an' woofing an' snarling, she'll see how uncomfortable it is being rushed!

OTL has been playing around with his 'Plamp', no, I didn't know what it was either! It arrived in the post this morning and it is a Plant Clamp that fits onto his camera tripod and holds the stem of the flower he's trying to photograph.

OTL's Plamp Assisted Rose!

Not bad for a start with light just coming from the window, wonder what it's like in the open air?

We went down to see The Boys and met them from school and had a game in the back garden, chasing all over the place. Holly wanted to dig a big hole but it looks like they are re designing the garden so Holly got the warning from TM, 'dig and you'll sleep there tonight'.

Spoil Sport!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (above ground still)


  1. Woffin at 3.30 in the morning was not a good idea Daisy!!!

  2. Very brave doggie at that time of the morning.

    Blimey OTL sending money is it his birthday?

    I could have done the same thing with a bit of old wire, I am sure OTL can't be feeling well.

  3. Betty and co do at least wait until around 6am! we've had to put a stool by the sofa in the conservatory so Mack can get back up on it. We were woken up because he was standing there barking at the sofa waiting for a lift up at 1am :)

  4. Well isn't OTL polite when woken at 3.30 in the morning or did you translate what he actually said into something more acceptable for a delicate eyes?