Friday, 17 June 2011

On the Beach again!

Hello to you all,

We're back again!

We had our walk with The Missus this morning and met up with Norrie and her owner Jane. Norrie wanted to know where Old Two Legs was, 'cos she likes him, we said he was at home having a shower. Norrie said that it was something very strange about these two legs, they always want to have showers or baths. It must be because they are afraid to be smelly!

I reckon a good brush down every day is all you need, it gets the little bugs and burs out of your coat and brushes the dried mud off your legs!

OTL was busy in the office again this morning, so we took the time to catch up on our 'after get up snooze', such luxury!

I did have a look out the window when the postman called and woofed a hello to him, but it was raining and he didn't look up at me, so we think he wanted to get home quickly!

Holly was on guard duty and alerted us to his arrival, HA!
She was zonked out on the floor, snoring like OTL!

Holly being Alert!
OTL says that if she was any more alert he'd swear she was alive! Well, I thought that was so funny I nearly laughed my tail off!

Daisy gets the joke!
Soon after that we piled into the car and OTL took us out for a walk along the Sea Wall, which was OK 'cos it was still raining a bit and we didn't want to get soaking wet!

A quick run along the Sea Wall
We were going so fast that we left OTL behind and he hid down one of the stair wells. We were a little worried in case he had got lost or had fallen into the sea, but Holly found him and woofed him to 'Keep Up'!
Keep Up OTL!
We don't want any dawdlers on our run!

The afternoon was spent chewing rawhide and sneaking onto OTL's bed. One time he caught us and I tried to look all innocent and wistful, but it didn't work and he chased us off and made us take the rawhide off the bed as well!

Me looking Wistful. I do Wistful as well as Cute!
Tonight we think there is liver for dinner and together with a couple of chewy biscuits followed after with a knobbly end of OTL's Twiglets, plus what we can mug from their dinner, we would have done OK!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly (Silently Alert, not sleeping, honest!)

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