Sunday, 25 September 2011

A Super Sunday!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

This morning The Missus was up really early, it was terrible trying to have a snooze when she is walking up and down the stairs, switching lights on and off and making such a noise!

The reason? She and her mates were off to Ally Pally for big spend up at a card making show. She just loves these shows and always come back with 'Bargains' that she just must have!

We on the other hand had a long snoozy Sunday morning with Old Two Legs who was in need of as much sleep as us, especially after yesterdays run around The Marshes!

When we finally got up, he took us for a walk down The Sea Wall which was great 'cos the tide was in and the sun was shining and there were other dogs out on their Sunday Morning Walk.

We didn't see any rabbits, which was good because we wanted to get back for the chicken breakfast we knew OTL was going to give us!

No Rabbits here!
 After breakfast there was the tidying up to do and the beds to make and the toys to clear up, what a busy morning. Soon it was time to sit down and watch the F1 racing, except that Holly decided she wanted to go for a walk! A quick run around the football field made her happy and also got us back before the race started proper!

Good old Jenson managed to come in second and if there were a few more laps we reckoned he could have got first position!

After that we wanted to have a race around the house but OTL said that if we were going to do that then we had to go down the New Park!

He didn't have to ask twice!

It was very crowded when we got there with loads of other doggies all racing about and chasing balls and woofing.

We got out of our car and the first thing we saw was the Not Not Neddies we woofed a hello to them but as normal all we got was a whistle and a stamp of their foot!

It's a Not Not Neddy!
Holly met up with a ball of fluff that was also called Holly and they exchanged sniffs before parting company. Holly wanted to know how she kept her fur so white, Baths, said the other Holly!

Yuk! Says our Holly!

Holly meets Holly!

We had a game of 'Chase the Ball' and also met up with a couple of youngsters who just wanted to cuddle OTL!

Let's have a game!
We went over the fields they call The Orchard which is a long walk, about two and a half miles OTL reckons, and we saw a helicopter go over us. Well, we waved and woofed but they didn't wave back and we reckon that they must be Not Nots 'cos that's what they would do!

While we were looking up at the helicopter there was a rushing sound and all of a sudden this Two Legs came speeding past us on a thing OTL called a Bicycle.

It was a little scary, I mean, they are supposed to enjoy being out in the fresh air getting exercise, but the noise she made was terrible!

A Speeding Monster!
OLT says it was 'Two Wheeled Torture', it certainly sounded like it!

When we arrived back home there was The Missus waiting for us when we got in. She said she had a super day and came back with loads of card making stuff that she will put away in her workshop and spend time tiding up every six moths or so, as normal!

We are off to bed now 'cos we are tired little puppies and we need our sleep!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holy


  1. Well, sounds like you all enjoyed your day and I had a super day too wiv my crafty mates! So all is right with the world lol :)

  2. Holly two looks a bit scared of you.

    Shame about the Not Not Neddies they are a funny lot.

    Glad you two had a good day out. Jenson second well Yahooo, at least he beat old Hamilton. xx

  3. Well now you two know what it is to be woken up early. I am glad someone got their own back on you.

    You did get a good run round and a day out with OTL.