Saturday, 3 September 2011

A Warm Day!

Hi Woofers,

We're here again, Daisy & Holly.

It has been a warm day today, we got up at one this morning, woke Old Two Legs up 'cos we wanted a wee.

While we were out in the garden, we found a hedgehog that had wandered into the garden looking for some juicy worms or slugs or snails. Well we had a woof at him until OTL called us back in again!

That was OK, until two in the morning, Holly decided she had a tummy upset and woofed to go out again. So, OTL was down again to let her out. Off she went, flying up the garden to woof at the hedgehog, but it wasn't there, so she went off into the long grass and was there for a few minutes.

That was when OTL saw the hedgehog crawling through the long grass onto the rockery, Holly had missed it all together!

Back we went to bed and fell asleep until eight, a real 'over sleep' for a change.

Both Holly and I were itching on our paws and on our tummy, OTL had a look later in the day and decided we had been attacked last night by some nasty little middgy type things that live in long grass.

He says if it is not any better by Monday, down the vet for us both!

Lunch time  OTL took us down to the Sea Wall and I stuck my nose out of the car window as we went, it was super having the wind blow on my nose!

OTL had put our lead on me to make sure I didn't lean out too far, so I was good and safe!

Wind on my nose!
As soon as we got there Holly and me ran to where I had seen rabbits, but this time they were all hiding in their burrows, I suppose they heard Holly and me come charging along the path!

Yoo Hoo Mr Rabbit!

It was then that Holly saw a notice on a pole, just behind where we normally see the rabbits, Holly reckons they put it there just to keep us out!

Keep Out Doggy's!

We did't think that was very friendly, I mean, all we want is a game!

Well, towards the end of our walk, I'm woofing up a tree at some noisy birds when Holly, with her nose down sniffing, bumped into a rabbit!

On the ground, right in front of her!

Well she was as surprised as the rabbit and wondered what she should do!

She gave a little woof, the rabbit ran off and she went after it like a rocket. Around she went and around went the rabbit.

The pair of them were flying!

It was about then that I saw what was happening and joined in the chase, but the rabbit had decided it was out of breath and stopped running and was laying flat on the ground.

Hang on, I'm out of breath!
Holly and me didn't know what to do next,so we waited until OTL got to us and he said we were good puppies not to hurt the rabbit, then he put our leads on us.

The rabbit was still laying on the ground breathing hard, so we said good bye and left him to go home and tell his mates of the lucky escape!

Out of breath rabbit!
When we got home, we told The Missus all about the rabbit and how good we were not to hurt it and Holly said it didn't smell like chicken, not like the ducks do!

An early night tonight and we have asked OTL if we can go to the New Park tomorrow, after he has done all the gardening!

Bye bye for now.

Daisy & Holly (Master Rabbit Chaser)


  1. Daisy, you should have a booster seat to bring you up higher and strap you in. You could then see out of the front window and not get your fur matted.

    That Mr Rabbit had a lucky escape XX

  2. Nice story with a nice ending

  3. Aaaw you two are such good little puppies are'nt you ! Poor old rabbit !!!
    We bought a caravan today and i am so happy, its lovely.....cant wait to go away in it ! And think of the fun we'll have next year !!! Looks like my chances of having a little doggie are slim now, as we've spent up.....I'll have to start saving up,
    love and hugs
    chris richards