Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Windy Old Weather!

Yo Ho Me Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again.

What a windy and wet day it has been!

We got up this morning to the wind blowing the trees and making the tops sway back and forth.

The Missus took us for a walk around the football fields, it was windy and rainy so Holly had a sniff, a wee and did her business, then turned around and rushed back home.

Holly is not a dog to hang about in the rain. I don't mind if there is a ball to chase but Holly, she is an 'indoor dog' when the wind blows!

Next door neighbours garden has a tree where a Collared Dove has built a nest and is sitting on it for most of the day, well it was swaying so much we thought that the bird would get thrown out, but she hung on!

Old Two Legs says they are barmy birds and they are not the same as the other birds, he says they have tried making nests in this tree for the last three years, at the end of August, they spend time sitting on the nest, and never lay an egg!

Well this morning we kept an eye on the bird and she didn't move from the nest at all, even when the rain started and the wind blew some more! You've got to say that she was a brave bird staying there in that gale force wind!

Holly says it must be like the ships out at sea and the wind blowing the waves about and the ship bouncing up and down on the waves. So we played a game pretending that our beds were boats and the waves were tossing the boat about!

Holly says that I sunk, twice!

OTL had to go out to do some work this afternoon, so we stayed in doors with The Missus, all safe in the warm and out of the rain!

When OTL came back we both gave him a big Welcome Home kiss and a lick, from ear to ear and back again!

Sorry there's not photo's today, it has been too wet and OTL has been too busy, but, maybe tomorrow we will get him out with the camera 'cos we know he gets all upset if he can't take any photos!

Bye bye for now and let's hope the wind and the rain go away soon!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hello you two woofers !!!
    Whether the weather be fine,
    or whether the weather be not,
    we'll weather the weather
    whatever the weather,
    whether we like it or not !!
    Something i learnt when i was little, thought you
    two might like it....better day tomorrow.
    love and hugs
    chris richards

  2. I don't blame anyone or doggie staying indoors on a wet and windy day unless they needed to go out, let's hope you have some run around tomorrow and OTL gets to use his camera. That bird sound silly, is that why we have the expression "Bird brain"?

  3. Ello shipmates, ye stay indoors in the warn and dry especially you Holly, oh ar.

  4. Listen to 'ol capt'nt Mike girls and keep dry ..cos your wet paws make a right old mess of my carpets! xxx

  5. Good for you Eileen
    Stay dry was the order of the day