Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again.

We had some rain last night, loads of it, woke The Missus up, Old Two Legs just snored all the way through the storm!

So, this morning we were sleepy puppies, we jumped onto OTL's bed and curled up for our second snooze of the day!

OTL finally got up and we went off to the Sea Wall, we're getting used to this walk with OTL, more interesting than running around The Fields!

Holly spotted a family of swans flying over head and just sat there licking her chops, I thought 'I bet I know what she was thinking!'
A Big Chicken for Holly?
Along the wall we met a Westie we had met before but we could not remember when, I hate it when I can't remember names!

Yo Girls!
We had a little game of  'Chase' with me as the one who gets chased!

It was OK 'cos I managed to out turn him and he was a lot slower than me anyway!

After a few minutes his owner called him away to carry on with his walk.

See Ya Girls!
 You know, we didn't even ask him his name!

Back home for a chicken breakfast, super! The best food we've had for twenty four hours, TM has been serving up Tinned Doggy Food, a total waste of time, we prefer chicken, love chicken and want chicken!

OTL managed to get some work done while we were having our 'After Breakfast Snooze' but it didn't last to long. Internal clocks went off and we decided it was time to have another run down the Sea Wall, I mean, we might just sneak up on that Ginger Tom!

No such luck, no Rabbits, no Ginger Tom, No One!

Holly did suggest that we go for a run on the mud but OTL told her that we would be given a wash down with the hose pipe and that would happen after we had walked all the way home on account that he was not going to have a smelly puppy in the car!

Let's play Muddy Puppies!
We got down the wall a bit further and saw the boats that OTL had done some work on earlier this year. They are the ones that are laying all the cables for the Wind Turbine Farm out in the Thames Estuary, just off Herne Bay.

Turbine Barge and Boat.
When we got closer to the car we saw a butterfly OTL said was a Red Admiral, so Holly said 'Hello Sailor' but the butterfly didn't say anything, it must have been looking for somewhere out of the wind!

It was only when we looked closely that we discovered it had been attacked by a bird. It had beak shaped lumps out of its wings and it only had one antenna!

Battle Scars!
OTL says he is glad that the birds are all smaller than him and he was safe from these dinosaurs, then he explained how the birds are believed to be the descendants of dinosaurs!

Holly said that there were no birds going to get her and were chickens a sort of dinosaur? OTL said 'Remember the Sea Eagles', and yes chickens were a sort of dinosaur.

'Good' said Holly, 'cos I really fancy a big dinosaur for dinner tonight!

Some things never change!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (Give me a Dinosaur tonight TM and don't forget the biscuits!)


  1. Hello you two woofers,poor old battered butterfly.... I bet he was very beautiful once...just like me ! There looks like some good eating in that big chicken, hope TM is feeling better, give her some ear lickin from me !!!
    love yas
    slobbery licks

  2. I snored through the storm as well, what storm??

    Love the Swan shot, well done OTL. I see the Missus is getting back to her old self with the tinnys.

    Tell her you want Swan for dinner.

    Great blog as always. XX

  3. Lovely story, I also like the swan.

    I really do hope that you never find out if they do.......