Monday, 10 October 2011

Monday with OTL

Yo Ho Woofers!

All is well with the world of Daisy & Holly, He's Back!

It was good last night having Old Two Legs back with us, well, The Missus don't drink whisky or eat short bread, so we missed out on our nibble of shortbread when OTL has a slurp!

You just don't realise how you can miss these little things!

We got a good nights sleep last night, no worrying if OTL was OK and if he was getting fed properly, like he does at home.

We also found out that as OTL is a bit over six feet, his feet normally hang out of the hotel beds, so he ends up with cold feet during the night and yes, he was suffering from cold feet! Also, the single bed had a duvet that covered the bed but when he got in bed, the duvet kept wanting to slide off, so all night long he was waking up to find the duvet and rub his feet so they got warm again!

He should have taken us and then we could have given him a cuddle and warmed his feet!

We had a look at  some of his pictures and Holly pricked up her ears when he said that one was called a Turkey Tail and she asked if it tasted like chicken!

That's the trouble with Holly, so predictable!

Here is some of the photos he took.

Fungi #1
Fungi #2
Fungi #3
Fungi #4
We thought the best photo was of some of the group trying to photograph a fungus half way up a dead tree. Holly thought the caption should read,

'Go on, Jump, I've got the net and we've got two cameras, just in case I miss!'

Go on, Jump!
On the second day, Sunday, after everyone had shown their pictures and had been praised or criticised, OTL learnt a few things and managed to produce this one.

Fungi #5
He said it was a 'Amanita citrina' or False Death Cap, so we will stay away from anything that looks like that!

We went out this afternoon to the Riverside Park, which was great as the tide had come in and we could woof at the gulls!

Tonight OTL was given a curry, which is one of his favourite meals, next to a Fillet Steak or a Chinese with all the trimmings or may be a steak and kidney pie or a Donner Kebab or sausage and chips or maybe a Kofti Kebab with two pieces of Pitta Bread!

In fact, we think OTL is a bit like us, if it tastes good, eat it!

So, we tried to mug a bit of curry from him tonight but all we got was a bit on Naan Bread dipped into the curry gravy!

Back to the shortbread!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Daisy, I think OTL took some very good pictures !

  2. Me too, well done OTL.

    Dont forget to keep his feet warm tonight and mug him for some shortbread. XX

  3. Yes, I shall be the third to say "Well done" because OTL took some really professional pictures and not a doggie in sight!
    It sounds as though he has some very good meals, he must have a very good cook around to produce all that.

  4. Hello you two woofers, fab photos by OTL !
    osl has been a bit down today so i've been cheering him up with a few good ear lickings !
    'Miserable old pensioner' the missus calls him....
    keep those feet warm tonight !!!
    love and slobbery licks
    Max xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. I do feel sorry for OTL, it is horrible having cold feet.

    Food, yes ask OTL about the Chatham pie stall around 1980 something I think, he won't eat there again, laid up for two days I think it was.

    Very nice pictures.