Saturday, 1 October 2011

New Walks and a clean camera!

Hello Woofers!

D&H back again on a absolutely super sunny day here in North Kent.

A big 'Welcome Back' to Max who has been away on holiday for a week in his new caravan, bet you had a super time and the weather was sunny all week long, you lucky puppy!

We had a lazy start to today, we went upstairs and said 'Good Morning' to Old Two Legs and The Missus, then fell asleep on the bed until OTL was ready to take us out for our morning walk!

TM had gone out early to do some shopping and we didn't even know!

TM brought OTL a present of a book called North Kent Walks, some of the walks we know already but there are a few we don't know, so OTL, being all adventurous and action man, had a look and decided we should go on the walk called Oldbury Hill Revival. He told us that it was an old Hill Fort used for protection against the Romans but in the end the Romans over ran it and it was abandoned.

Holly says she wants to be a Roman Puppy!

So, after an early lunch, off we set. I wanted to be an Ancient Briton collecting taxes on anyone who walked on the land and Holly said she was a Roman Puppy collecting a Bone Tax from all the Ancient Britons!

OTL said he should have been a Palaeolithic Hunter 'cos they were there first and didn't pay taxes to anyone, which is just as well 'cos he hates paying taxes especially to the Inland Revenue and the VAT man and Car Park Attendants!

We got a little way down the road when Holly and me decided it was going to be too hot to walk three miles around the walk, so, when we got near to The Farm we asked OTL if we can go there instead and leave Oldbury Hill for another day.

Good old OTL, he didn't mind and we piled out of the car and ran down the chalk path.

Staying in the shade!
OTL stayed in the shade and so did we, it was really hot in the sun. As we climbed the hill I could smell squirrel and ran ahead of Holly and OTL.

I Smell Squirrel!
There on the ground in front of me was a Squirrel! A honking big Grey Squirrel burying his nuts for Christmas. Well, I was down the hill, going at mach three and a bit, the squirrel looked up and just leapt into the air and grabbed a branch and was into the tree in no time, just too fast for me!

It sat there chattering away and making rude comments about me and doggies in general!

Doggy Hating Squirrel in the Tree!
I told him, 'Just wait, I'll be Back'!

Holly was having a sniff on the ground and claimed that some of the buried nuts smelt just like chicken!

Walkers ahead!
Off in the distance we saw a big group of walkers striding along the path we had planned to go on, so we changed our route and took a left hand turn up the hill.

Any way, they were singing marching songs, so Holly and I me started singing our own songs, but they were too fast or OTL to keep up, so we had to keep stopping and waiting for him to catch up!

When we got back to the car we crashed out on the seat and after had a well earned drink from our travelling bowl that OTL had filled with cold water before we left home. He had also hid it away from the sun, so it was still cool when we got back into the car!

On the way back, Holly and I stuck our heads out of the widow and woofed at all the people on the path.

It was good having the wind blow through our fur and cool our noses!

We spent the evening snoozing and fighting and mugging OTL for some of his dinner!

Tomorrow we are planning to go down to the coast with OTL & TM, maybe have a splash in the sea as well!

Bye bye for now and see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Super Squirrel post Daisy, tell that sister of yours that not everything tastes like chicken.

    I see you have done it again, camera cleaning is mentioned in the title BUT your paws got carried away with the blog and you or OTL forgot about it.

    Lovely post as usual XX ps ask OTL is he has any Power Station pics as we are starting a trend. hi

  2. Where did you make the camera dirty so that it is now clean?
    Those rabbits are getting too clever for their pom pom tails, writing notes now! Still you gave the squirrel a fright. You had better wait for the cooler weather before taking a 3 mile adventure, looking forward to seeing all the Romans next week.
    Lick, lick.

  3. I don't know what am I going to do with you? You can't catch rabbits and now is squirrels.

    I'll just have to go and fine me some road-kill.

  4. Daisy's mind is so agile ('cos she is a girl) that like me, she forgets things that are not important .... like writing about cleaning cameras after putting that in the blooming title of the blog post!! tut tut Daisy .. lol

  5. Hi you gorgeous woofers, its magic Max here.....
    sounds like you had fun.....otl might be a bit forgetful but he never forgets about you two, bless him! Have a fun time by the seaside today, catcha later ladies,
    slobbery licks
    Max xxxxxxxxxx