Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Squirrels Fight Back!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with further adventures in The Forest!

Old Two Legs over slept this morning, he didn't wake up until it was nearly eight! All the jumping up and scrambling out of bed woke us up!

He had to get up 'cos the postman was banging on the door with a parcel for The Missus!

We made sure OTL made good use of getting up, we bullied him to go out and went for a walk down by the Sea Wall where we woofed at all the seagulls!

Later we went out delivering OTL's stuff and ended up at The Forest again.

OK, Round Two with the Squirrels!

First of all we had to find them, which is not as easy as you would think!

On our way to a Squirrel Hunt!
To start off we didn't see any at all, so I went deep into the undergrowth sniffin for them!

Sniffin for Squirrel Nuts!
Well, what you need to do is sniff for their nuts, you see they bury nuts in the ground and save them for winter time when all the shops are shut and they get a bit peckish and want a nibble during the night!

I was well away, following the trail of nuts when all of a sudden, from up in the trees, came a big yell and several chestnuts landed on the ground near me and one hit me on the head!

The squirrels were throwing nuts at us!

OK, who threw that?
It got a bit scary, we didn't know where the next nut was coming from, it was like they were using mortars to send the nuts onto us!

Holly took to a lookout post to warn me about 'In coming' when ever she spotted a squirrel in the tree!

On guard against 'In coming'!
It was getting a bit hairy, so we decided to go on the attack and Holly took to chasing the squirrels up in the trees while I kept charging around creating diversions!

Holly chasing the squirrels in the trees.
Then all of a sudden, it all stopped, all the squirrels disappeared and we were wondering what was going to happen next!

They have retreated!
Holly reckoned they had all retreated, so, taking advantage of the lull in activity, we headed back to the car in double quick time!

When TM came back from her day out we told her all about the squirrels and she said we should try to make friends with them instead of chasing them. Huh! She obviously has no idea of the fun we had!

Holly and me are going to have to come up with a better plan, so we are of to bed early tonight to discuss it over a chew and a pack of chicken fillets!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hello you two woofers, honestly, the things you girls get up to is nobody's business !
    I went out today with Ella and we met a lady schnauzer.....woo hooo, cor what a looker she was!
    a bit like yourselves !!Anyway nite nite.....
    love yas
    slobbery licks

  2. Ah you two the Squirrels have bought up the big guns. Watch out you might get the Badgers joining the fight and you will really be in trouble. XX

  3. The squirrels must have come up with a plan to frighten you but now your all grown up you were having none of it.
    Hope OTL is much better soon so that you can go to Canterbury and also waiting to hear your ideas on how to win over the squirrels.

  4. Hay you two a squirrel is less than half your size and you let them throw nuts at you. Why don't you get a stick and throw them back!