Friday, 21 October 2011

Tomorrow is The Day!

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly here again and are we getting excited!

Old Two Legs took us out this morning, down to the Sea Wall for a race and chase around. As normal he took his camera with him to photograph us chasing rabbits, meting friends and hunting sea gulls.

Trouble was, no sea gulls, no rabbits, no friends!

So, he sat us on a concrete wall and started taking photos of us both. We were getting a bit bored until he got the ball out of his pocket and that attracted us all right!

He said we have got to have a 'Birthday Picture' for the records.




OTL said that tomorrow was our birthday and for a treat we would be going out with him to Canterbury, all day, chasing around The Marshes!

Well that was it, we stood still, for a couple of clicks of his camera!

So, last year it was this.

Birthday Girls 2010

This is our 2011 Birthday Picture!

Birthday Girls 2011

Not bad for two years old!

OK, so we look a little scruffy, un-brushed and a little wind swept, but hey, we're cute!

OTL did say that tomorrow, officially, we are not puppies any more, but we will always be his little puppies, no mater how old we get!

All together................Aaaaaaah!

Wot a big softy!

Just wait until next week, we are off to the Puppy Parlour for our 'Shampoo & Set' and OTL is going to take some pictures for the Christmas Card, now if you want to see us doing the Seriously Cute, just wait until you see that one!

This afternoon we went out with OTL, first to the Sea Wall then off to deliver some stuff.

After running around OTL stopped at the Doggy Shop! Oh Wow! The smells are terrific in there, we got some Chicken Fillets and some Chicken & Rice Jumbones, then as we were giving the Hamsters the old Hairy Eyeball OTL put something into the shopping bag, all sort of sneaky like, so we reckon we might just have a suprise Birthday Present tomorrow morning!

Off home and the prospect of diner and a chew before bed!

See you all tomorrow and we'll let you know how our birthday goes!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly (One year and 364 days old!)


  1. Hello you two woofers, Happy birthday to you two ladies,are you having a party and can I come ?
    I wonder what your surprise is, you'll have to tell me tomorrow.....have a very special weekend girls !
    love yas
    slobbery licks

  2. Well what a turn up for the books. Happy Birthday you two. I wish I could get my Daisy to pose like you. XX

  3. Happy 2nd birthday to Daisy and Holly Doggies, you are still cute even when you are no longer Daisy and Holly Puppies. Have a super chickeny day, maybe you will get cards from those Rabbits and Not Neddies. TM will be out cropping so you have OTL to yourselves, enjoy.................. xxxx

  4. Aaaaaaaaaah

    Happy Birthday you two are two!

    It was a nice picture of you two, but not a PS insight again!

  5. Birthday wishes from Mary and Dougal xx