Monday, 14 November 2011

Autumn is here!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

Wot a dismal old day it has been today, chilly this morning and foggy all day!

Just for a change we went over the fields with The Missus first thing this morning, met a couple of woofers and said 'good morning'. One was an enormous old greyhound that was so big we reckon TM could have ridden it like a horse!

A bit later we got restless and started to chase each other around the house, just for a laugh.

TM chased us back up stairs into Old Two Legs office and told us both that our tails were in mortal danger!

We didn't believe her, but we did settle down for about two minutes!

We jumped up at OTL, who was doing some building thingy with bits of wire, we reminded him that it was just about time for a wander along the Sea Wall.

Well, OTL doesn't need telling twice and in a few moments we were in the car and heading towards the sea!

Straight out of the car and around the corner to the rabbits play area then down to the bushes where the Magpie sometimes sits. A quick woof at the sea gulls and we started our walk!

A Rabbit was here!
The water was right in and we enjoyed a run on the beach, sniffin' at all the smells brought in by the tide, some times there can be some 'terrible sniffs' so bad it makes you wonder what caused them in the first place!

We had some fun playing 'chariots' along the Sea Wall, Holly got a branch and waved it at me saying 'Catch me if you Can!' and started running, that was it, I was after her like a shot!

'Catch me if you Can!'
Pretty soon we were running and chasing each other, grabbing the branch and having a 'Tug of War' with it!

It's Mine!
Needless to say, after a while, it broke into so many bits there was not enough for both of us to grab hold of at the same time!

Back at home OTL was back to being busy busy busy, with the coax and an hour or so later he had finished and was packing it all up into bags.

That was a good sign 'cos we know that after the carriers we always get a walk and this was going to be different today!

Because OTL was late in going to the carriers it was getting dark, a good sign the Autumn is here, and we decided that a trip to the New Park would be the best.

It was strange having a walk in the park when it's all dark and foggy. When we came across a dog and it's owner walking towards us they looked all strange in the fog, so much so that both Holly and me stopped and would not go any further until they got closer and we could see what it was!

We even stayed close to OTL as we went along the path 'cos we didn't want to loose him in the fog!

When we got home there was a super chicken dinner and of course, there was OTL and his shortbread!

So, another day over and we're off to bed now, after a cuddle with OTL!

Bye bye and see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. That's it Daisy, give Holly some stick. What a Yucky day today has been. I have had to work so no walks for me, sniff. XX

  2. Hi My two favourite woofers,so sorry I have'nt commented lately but the keyboard is struggling
    on account OSL spilt whiskey and coke all over it
    and now the keys wont work,so finding it hard to type ! Will get a new one tomorrow....
    love yas
    slobbery licks

  3. Yes what a murky day it has been, glad you stayed close to OTL but you had some fun with the branches so you didn't have such a bad day.
    More chicken and shortbread, you know how to live life to the full. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and you can have more adventures. I am hoping for a lovely day so that we can take our Daisy out somewhere nice.

  4. It is a wonder that OTL gets any work done with you two around.

    I bet he loves having to stop to take you out, I would.

    So you missed the rabbits again.....

    Have Fun today.