Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Glamour Girls or Wot!

Hi Woofers!

It's the Glamour Girls Daisy & Holly back with you.

It has been a riot of a day today!

Old Two Legs has been tarting around with his camera and lights trying to take our 'Christmas Card' photo, seeing as how we just got all clean and super looking at the Parlour yesterday.

Now, The Missus took us out early this morning for a walk along the Sea Wall, super sunrise all across the estuaries (Thames & Medway). OTL was at home busy setting the lights up.

It looked all professional with loads of wires all over the place and lights behind screens and under an  umbrella.

The Studio

OTL wanted us to sit under the lights so he could set them up and get rid of all the shadows and stuff. Well, Holly and me weren't going to do that, I mean, we're professional Cute Puppies and we don't do the labouring jobs. Oh no, we arrive and pose then go, collecting our fee on the way out!

So when we get the request to help OTL, we just called for our 'stand in', Nan-Nook of North Kent.

She is trying to break into the fashion scene but between you and me, I don't think she has got the looks! We use her whenever we go on a shoot 'cos it saves us so much time and we do just hate to hang about!

When OTL reckoned he was ready, we tripped onto the stage and tried to get in the mood for the shoot, it was no good, we got bored with what OTL wanted us to do, I mean, he was being unreasonable! Hold this stocking, wave this wand, look left, look right, up, down, wrinkle your nose! It was just too much!

You want More Cute?
Holly flopped down first saying she had a head ache, I said my tail was sore and Nan-Nook was snoring in the corner.

I am just too tired!
The truth was, OTL had been feeding us bits of a Doggy Sausage to keep our interest but we'd had so much we both were feeling a bit sick!

We got funny tummies
We told OTL that we were both just Too Worn Out to pose any more and he just had to pick something out of the shots he had 'in the can' (that's a Technical Bit of jargon!)

So we are of for an early night and maybe some stomach powder to settle the wind!

See you tomorrow!

Daisy & (Burp!) Holly


  1. Ha ha, I have the same trouble with my Daisy, she gets fed up with posing and gives up. Love the "more cute" one. XX

  2. Hello you two woofers, you both look dandy if I might say so, but cor blimey that Nan Nook looks a bit of alright,dont suppose she says much though....
    love yas
    slobbery licks

  3. You are a poser you two but some lovely shots.
    Yes OTL never did know what to do with his wires TM will tell you that,lol

  4. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo u both look so cute together :)

  5. That's the price of being famous I'm afraid. You have to put up with all this when you are celebrities so that your fans are able to see you. Chin up fame has its downfalls!