Thursday, 15 December 2011

More Rushing Around Today!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

The nearer we get to Christmas the busier it seems to get! Old Two Legs has been dashing around getting stuff made up and delivered. The Missus Has been on the 'Social Whirl' meeting up with Mike and Trevor, then it's over to the boys in the afternoon!

We, of course, have had our tails rushed off trying to keep up with them! I mean, get up out of bed, eat breakfast, go for a walk, chase rabbits, hunt foxes, shout at rats and on top of that we have to make sure the house is kept clear of burglars!

When we went on our walk with OTL, he forgot to swap his lens over from the Fish Eye lens he had on yesterday at Zoe's place.
So, no telescopic shots, just strange looking views of the sea!

Tides Out!

He says they are 'artistic' we just think he's potty!

The Earth Looks Round!
Every one knows the earth is flat but his picture make it look like it is round, just how daft can you get?

Holly was given a soft puppy toy by The Missus, she brought it back from The Boys house. Tom said that it was Holly's when she was a little puppy. When TM gave it to her she jumped about and we had a good game of chase with it. Then Holly settled down and gave it a cuddle and a lick, them she bit it's bottom!

Chicken tonight and then a game with OTL!

Tomorrow is also going to be a rush around as well if we believe OTL!

So, early to bed.


Daisy & Holly (With her cuddly puppy)


  1. Holly was so sweet with her little puppy toy .... until she started to beat it up!

  2. Ah see Daisy, we had TM for a while at lunchtime,. Very nice she woz too.

    Wots up wiv that OTL dont he know his Fish eye from his Zoom? seriously funny pictures though. Good job OTL didn't take a pic of Holly XX

  3. It's called getting old Mike, forgetful, you know it is what the elderly suffer with.

    Well it was different (the pictures).

    Nice to see you yesterday Eileen.

  4. Saves worrying about the horizons being straight, they are good and more like art than photography so I agree with OTL, they are very artistic. You must get OTL to try a few others, one of you and Holly would be a real work of art, even slimming if he gets it right.
    Thank you for the D&H card it is really a thing of beauty and I shall show everyone my joint second favourite girls (after our Daisy).