Thursday, 17 November 2011

I'm in trouble, Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again!

Last night it was boring, Boring, BORING!

OTL not only pinched our chews but also our carrots as well! Nothing to nibble on in the night!


So, having slept most of the night we were up early and to pay him back, Old Two Legs not only got the 'Cold Wet Nose' but he also got the 'Let's sit on his Head' game!

That woke him up!

OTL took us out for the early morning walk and off we went to the Sea Wall, great fun and we didn't go hunting Giant Bunnies this time, instead we chased each other along the wall.

Holly on a Mission!

Yesterday we saw that someone had left their fork in the mud after digging for worms.

I've Left Me Fork Behind!

Today it was still there, sticking up in the air, wonder what happened to the digger, Holly reckons a giant worm got him!

The Worm's got Him!
I decided to have an 'explore' around the old defence ditch which is very deep and totally ignored OTL when he was calling me. So, he had to walk all the way back to the earth bridge and around the other side to get me.

I was put on the lead for the rest of the walk while Holly was allowed to run free!

Now I'm not a happy puppy about that, especially as I had to sit down when OTL was taking a picture of a Curlew!

Not that it was any god 'cos the light was behind it and all he got was a black shape that looks like a Curlew!

When we got back home we found Auntie Angela had arrived to slap the glue pot around and help throw glitter all over the place, these card people can be real messy sometimes!

So, after a brush, we went off to find our breakfast, stewing steak! The Missus had picked up a bargain at the local supermarket, so steak for us while OTL has rabbit food called Muesli!

Poor Old Two Legs !!!

Just to let him know there are no hard feelings, I let him take Holly and me down The Farm this afternoon.

He was photographing fungi and we were hunting foxes!

Just as he pressed the shutter release, I had a sniff, sorry it was a slow shutter speed and I was moving!

Can you see me?
OTL said I should go and play with the foxes, so off we went, woofing all the way through the trees!

When we came back we found OTL looking at a very small fungi about half an inch diameter, in fact it was so small I nearly trod on it!

A Tiddly Fungi!
OTL picked me up and put me on the plastic bag he uses for kneeling on and told me not to move!

I did and I was in trouble again!

Back on the lead, but I didn't mind 'cos we were close to the car and I didn't feel too much like running around!

We got a bit more of the steak tonight, just to finish it off and OTL has got pizza!

Ho Ho Ho! Poor old OTL, maybe if he is nice to us we will let him ave a bit of steak, but I'll make him sit down and shake paws first!!!

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly