Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012 with a Thud & a Dribble!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy And Holly here with you again.

First of all a big Happy New Year to everyone, but not so loud! You see we were up late last night, singing and dancing and having loads of nibbles and playing games of chase and Woof at the Fireworks!

So, this morning we didn't get up until nearly nine fifteen!

Both Holly and me had funny tummies and Old Two Legs looked a little out of salts as well! The Missus, who had been on the Champagne all evening looked like she was going to have a quiet day!

We finally got our morning stroll at about ten, so, the sun had got up and was tearing across the sky before we got to the Sea Wall, so no moody sunrise photos!

Too late for the Sunrise!
We did meet up with Billy and when he saw OTL had a camera, did his 'Funny Pose', which made us laugh!

Say Cheeese!
Back home it was chicken for breakfast followed by a snooze on the sofa while OTL was messing about with the computer.

A Big Hello to Max, we thought you has got lost! Have you got rid of that virus thingy in the computer? Nasty things they are, OTL is always looking for them!

We went out this afternoon for a walk, as you do, but we thought it was a bit strange that OTL got our snow coats out.

Snow Coats?


No, it was rain, too much to be going out without a coat on!

Mind you, when we got out there on the Sea Wall, it seemed to be raining more than when we left home!

Holly was not too pleased with walking in the rain and kept complaining about going back. OTL was not listening and took us on the 'Full Walk' as normal, he said he needed the exercise as much as we do, in fact more!

Holly was still bitching even when we had turned around and was heading back to the car, she said that the rain was dribbling down the back of her neck!

I made sure I was warm on the way back, I sat on OTL's lap and made sure my bottom was warm and dry!

Back indoors it was a good towel down and a snooze on the sofa again until diner time!

What a way to end the holidays!

Back to work tomorrow, well, for OTL anyway!

Look on the bright side there is only three hundred and fifty five shopping days until next Christmas!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (All warm and dry and with full tummies!)


  1. Hello you two woofers, Well the virussy thingy we think has gone but its still making a funny little noise but fingers crossed ! Today has been headache tablets and more headache tablets and dont bark Grrrrrrr.....better day tomorrow !
    love yas
    slobbery licks
    Max xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi you two, Billy is saying Sausages!

    Looks like your crowd had good new year and letting TM lay in till after 9am, she must have thought it was heaven. XX

  3. Good start to the New Year, a lay in, bet that won't last long. I don't like going out in the rain either, perhaps you could have an exercise room at home so you don't have to get wet. Still get exercise but not get wet, save on the damp towels, save on Hollys' grumbles, just a thought!!
    Glad to see that Max has been able to write a few words, he must make a New Years' resolution to join in more. xx

  4. Hee He... Love it when other go OTT on New years Eve. I didn't get up yesterday because I didn't want to... LOL

    I am glad you are all over it until next year.

    Hello to Max....