Thursday, 5 January 2012

Windy old weather, Stormy old weather!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly just blown in!

Wow! It has been a stormy old day today, first of all, The Missus took us for a walk across the Fields and when we got to the highest bit the wind blew like mad and there was rain and SNOW!

Like, this is North Kent, the sunny bit of the UK, we shouldn't get snow!

When we got back Old Two Legs had to give us a good rub down with the towel and then it was back to the bed for a warm up and a snooze!

Lunch time was no better, this time we went down to the Riverside Park.

Wind? It was more of a gale when we got to the exposed parts, OTL could hardly walk he was being blown about so much!

We were lucky, you see we are close to the ground and the wind sort of misses us most of the time!

The only problem we have is that the sniffs blown on thewind come in at such a speed that before we register the sniff and it's meaning, three more have formed a queue behind it and are pushing it out of the way!

'ere, what was that Sniff?
We went around the other side of the trees and the wind had dropped right the way down, so Holly decided to play 'Queen of the Castle' and told us we were all her subjects and we had to do everything she said.

I'm Queen of the Castle!
I told her that I had declaired the Riverside Park a Republic and as soon as I find a big axe I would chop off her head!

She said that I was behaving like a little dictator and anyway, she didn't talk to little squirts like me.

And that's when the fight started!

It didn't last long 'cos OTL threatened to put us to bed early with no dinner.

He can be so strict sometimes!

OTL was really more interested in his camera and the sun beams coming down from the clouds.

Sun Beams
Holly said that if he keeps on like this he will end up as a little Sun Beam himself! I thought that was funny and we looked around to see if he had heard Holly say it, luckly he had not!

Back home we said 'Hello' to TM and retired to the office for a snooze before dinner. Lambs Heart and biscuits, one of our favourites!

Not sure what's planned for tomorrow, maybe a run down the Farm again, if it's not too windy, we don't want any trees falling on us!

Oops! Nearly forgot, Max Matey, new Two Legs make a loads of noise and smell funny and according to Holly, taste nothing like chicken!

Stay away from the paper pants, one sniff and your eyes will water all day long!

Do youself a favour, stick to looking cute and stick your tounge out at the same time, you'll get more treats that way!

See you all tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly (Still Queen)


  1. I loved your advice to Max regarding the new 'arrival' ! OTL sticks his tongue out when he's asleep ... he don't look cute!

    BTW tell OTL the cloudy picture is fab and Trev will like that one .. Trev loves clouds!

  2. Holly is Queen of the Castle but you are top dog Daisy.

    Tell OTL that the sun beam shot is very good.

    Glad that, because you are so short the wind missed most of you. XX

  3. Hello you two woofers, still no baby yet......
    and the weather is nearly blew my whiskers off today and by the way, I'm the king of the castle (kenilworth castle), we can see it from our front window !
    luv yas
    slobbery licks
    Max xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. OTL looking cute, not in a million years, I don't think he was born just happened.

    Yes of course Trevor like the cloud, it is the best picture on here.

    Only joking about OTL...