Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Wot a Horrid Day Today!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

We got up good and early this morning and it was because the wind was blowing the trees about!

The Missus was out baby sitting, so we went out with Old Two Legs for a run on the Sea Wall. We jumped from the car, as we normally do, only to get blown back again! So, OTL opened the other door and we jumped out and carefully moved around the side of the car, out of the way of the wind.

Now, it wasn't really raining but there was a lot of spray being blown about, so it felt like hard rain drops hitting us!

Not nice!

OTL shut the doors before we could change our mind and get back in the car and off we went for a run. It took just a couple of minutes for us to decide that out in the wind was where we did not want to be!

I'd rather be back home!
A quick word with OTL and it was not too long before we were back in the car having a rub down with the towel!

OTL had a load of stuff to do and we went with him to deliver and pick up things.
We had another run out around midday but the wind was still strong but the rain had stopped.

Back home we had another rub down and retired to the office for a snooze after we had finished off our Lambs Heart breakfast.

We will be glad when this day is over, we don't mind fresh air or a gentle breeze but a howling gale is the best reason for staying indoors and playing 'Chase' around the house!

Let's hope that tomorrow is a little better!

We've just seen TM putting a pack of shortbread into the kitchen cupboard, so we might be in luck tonight!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Poor little woofers did not like the wind then, I'm not surprised neither do I, still you have to have a wee don't you.

    Can I come down to dinner? as you two eat better than me. XXX

  2. Hello you two woofers, I've had to entertain myself today as the weather was horrendous !
    Sliding around on the lounge rugs is great fun....
    you see there is laminate flooring and if I run really fast and land on the rug, its like being on a flying carpet !!!
    luv yas
    slobbery licks
    Max xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Cor...poor little Daisy... you look right miserable in that picture! Lovely welcome from you and Holly when I returned home. Gorgeous girls!

  4. You look like my bird after he has had a bath. You should learn to stay indoors when it is like that, I did.

    Drier today but rain this afternoon, boo hoo.