Sunday, 19 February 2012

A Sunny Sunday By The Sea Side!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again and a 'Big Woofin Hello' to Marilyn who has joined our select band yesterday!

What a sunny day it is down here in North Kent. A bit of a breeze but good and fresh!

Being Sunday, we all got up late, The Missus was up at six 'cos she had got some 'Inspiration' for a card. (We are going to get her an appointment with the 'Two Legs Vet', just to get her checked out!)

Old Two Legs had another disturbed night with his ear, so he over slept and us, well we just love an early morning snoozett after waking up. A cuddle with OTL and a stretch full length across TM's pillow!

When we got down to the Sea Wall there were a crowd of people there in yellow coat things, all standing around talking, so, us being us, we went over to have a listen. They were the 'Litter Picking Squad', the same thing that TM and Auntie Sheila are active in doing down in our village, but this squad had a tractor to collect the plastic bags!

The Litter Squad and Tractor!

We left them to it and went off sniffin the sniffs and doing what we do best...........sniffin!

OTL tried to get a picture of the waves crashing against the sea wall and the sun reflecting in the water splash but the sun was behind the splash and creeping up behind OTL, so he got wet as well!

It's Behind You!

Holly found a stick, a big one you can get your jaws around, so she waved it at me, just to show off! Well, I wasn't having any of that and I chased her along the grass path and got it away from her, then she got it from me and then I got it from her and then we both had it and were running as fast as the other one would allow!

Great fun!


We said 'Hello' again to the Westie that was helping the litter pickers, he said he was on 'Sniff Duty' telling them where the rubbish was hidden under the bushes!

Back home for a brush and a late breakfast, then a snooze in OTL's office, in our 'Day Beds'

This is Sunday as it should be spent!

After lunch we were down there again, so were lots of other dogs and Two Legs, all walking and enjoying the sun.

There was one Two Leg who was trying to look just like a Sea Gull perched on top of a wave breaker!

Just Flap Your Arms!

Yes, we thought it was a bit daft as well!

Holly found some more old egg sacks and was throwing it up into the air, doing her 'Party Trick'!

OK, now it's on me 'ead!

That was until I pinched it and .....................That's When The Fight Started!

...........and that's when

OTL spotted a couple of Crows, the same ones that are always down here, trying to break open a Whelk Shell. They would have a peck of it, trying to get in the front bit, then they flew up in the air, dropped the shell onto the concrete and came down to see if it was smashed, the shell, not the concrete!

My Tea!
Up we Go!
Finally they succeed and enjoyed a Sunday afternoon tea of whelk and sand!

Tastes Good!

Back home to a Chicken Dinner followed by a snooze and a cuddle with OTL.

A 'Perfect Sunday'!

See you all tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Great pictures today Daisy. Next time I go litter picking in the village, you can come with me and be on 'Sniff Duty'! Love the shot of you and Holly and the stick and also the three pictures of the crow and it's dinner! luv from 'the missus'!

  2. Good blog Daisy, my favourite is Holly throwing the egg sack up in the air, brilliant.

    Could you get TM to drive the Tractor? Perhaps not.

    That one of the water hitting the break is good, the sea looks like ink. and I love the Crow shots, good work OTL, er, and Daisy. XX

  3. I noticed that Holly didn't try to creep up on the waves like she does the birds when OTL is trying to take a picture, smart girl. The crows are very clever and I am glad they found their dinner in the end, good pictures.
    Those litter pickers are spoilt with the tractor but they look a colourful lot and it seems you have picked up a hit or two from them.