Thursday, 15 March 2012

Work Work and Grandchild number ten!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again!

What a day this has been!

First of all we were woken up early by Old Two Legs, getting up and showering, before having his 'Rabbit Food Breakfast'!

We were shoo'd into the car and off to the Sea Wall while it was still misty!

Misty Morning!

We even met Barney who came flying over the hill, he said that it was a Two Legs thing to get up early sometimes when they had loads of work!

It's Meeeeeeeee!
We wished him well and were dragged off down the path.

The mist was really heavy and people looked all scary in 'Soft Focus'!

There was one scary thing we saw...........The Barrel!

Not only has it returned but now it had got out of the sea and was sitting on the Sea Wall!

Is it going to catch a bus and go on a sight seeing trip around Rochester?

We were very close to the car when a young lad came charging up 'Hey Girls! Fancy a game of chase?

Let's Play Chase!

We said 'Thanks for the invitation but we were off to our breakfast!'

Well that's what we thought! Instead we were off in the big car while The Missus chased us in the small car!

OTL stopped at the garage and left the big car 'For it's MOT' he said.  We didn't understand what an MOT was but we reckon it's a bit like the vet giving you a check up before selling you worming tablets.

We are going to keep an eye on OTL and see what size the worming tablets are for the car!

Off delivering and today TM came with us! She spent most of the time sending messages to Auntie Zoe who was going to have her baby today.

We ended up at The Forest and went Hunting Squirrel!

I spotted the first one.

Well, it was here a moment ago!

Then Holly spotted the second!

Guess what I see?

Then OTL spotted one but it doesn't count for him 'cos he doesn't chase them!

There was one time that Holly climbed the tree but was a bit worried about getting down, so she called for OTL to get her down by climbing onto his shoulder!

Get me down Daddy!

We were creeping up on one squirrel and were hiding in the fox hole when a squirrel started throwing nuts at us, mouldy ones he had dug up!

In Coming!

Holly says she is going to have a word with him the next time she sees him!

OTL was chasing his Jay about again but not doing very well. Every time he got close, the bird flew away!

Mr Jay, not helping OTL!

We have had very little sleep today and were about to go to bed when the phone rang and TM started jumping up and down, Auntie Zoe had just given birth!

A baby girl (late, as every female is, says OTL!)

Mother and baby doing well, baby sleeping and mother taking pictures with her iPhone!

That makes number ten Grandchild, ages ranging from thirty minutes to twenty three years old! 

This is all too much for me, I'm going to bed!

Angela, can you get the engine driver to blow the whistle for us?

Bye bye for now!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. This is old news now Daisy, I already knew but it very exciting and two posts in a day, that's special. Now you are going to be doing more baby practice and TM will be doing more throwing the glitter around, you are going to have a busy weekend. Champagne and shortbread I reckon, don't you get too drunk. xx

  2. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, Zoe's finally had the baby, phew I though it would never come. Well done Zoe.

    As for you two I keep on telling you that you will never catch a Squirrel there too fast, now there throwing things at you.

    Tell TM not to get her eye to close to the Retina screen tomorrow otherwise her eye will be all bloodshot. XX

    1. OTL says that she is not getting near it until her birthday and he is going to have a play with it first!

      Can you tell us if they allow dogs into the Casualty Department?

  3. Congrats to Aunty Zoe

    Watch out for barrels in the high St

  4. Well done Granny, send our love to Zoe. XX