Thursday, 10 May 2012

I'm going to get Chipped!!!!

Hi Ho Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy Dog and Holly Dog!

This morning we went out and it wasn't raining! We even saw some sun shine creeping through the clouds!

Old Two Legs was trying to photograph the wind powered WhirllygigThingyWotsits out to sea and Holly got all excited about some Whelk egg sacks!

A Whelking Good Header!
 I was up in the 'Stands' cheering her on with the chant of 'Ho-lly, Ho-lly!'

Ho-lly, Ho-lly, Ho-lly!!!!!!
 That made OTL laugh!

A bit further on we saw a Wheatear looking at a caterpillar and you could see the caterpillar getting into it's 'Fighting Stance'

You and Who's Army?
 Didn't do any good though, the Wheatear wanted some breakfast.

One Less Butterfly!
We went off to chase rabbits but they had all gone back to bed!

OTL found some more fungi, this is really strange 'cos they should not come up until the Autumn time. Maybe it is because we have had too much rain and the fungi are getting all confused!

Seriously Confused Fungi!
Lunch time we had another run on the beach, Holly was running around chasing OTL and having a great time!

Holly having Fun!
I was off sniffin for rabbits!

When we got back home, OTL decided he would have another bash at digging the pond. Trouble is, the ground is rather wet, what with all the rain we've had over the last month or so. Being all wet and heavy, OTL's back started to ache a bit after a while, so he put the shovel back in the shed and came indoors.

Now, Holly and me have been having a discussion about all this hole digging. Why was it when we were young puppies, we were told off for digging in the garden!

I mean, if he had asked us, we could have dug him a nice big hole by now, complete with underwater caves!

Call this a Hole?
Let's face it, as far as digging holes goes, OTL should stick to playing on the computer!

OTL went back into his office and we heard him on the telephone talking to the 'Vet' about getting me 'Chipped' ????

I know I get my claws cut when I go for my 'Shampoo & Set', as OTL calls it but what is this Chipping?

Holly says she has been chipped when she was a little puppy and if she goes near to a Tesco Checkout, she can get the checkout to throw up a message on the screen that says 'Holly Dog £5000'!

In fact, anywhere there is a Bar Code Machine, Holly can appear!

I think that she is telling porkies, but we will find out tomorrow.

Off to have a snooze before dinner, roast chicken and biscuits followed by a carrot or two!

We know how to live!

Bye bye for now and keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow, I hope it doesn't hurt!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hey you two cant you give OTL a hand with this er Hole I am sure you could help him out.

    Dont worry about the chip it wont hurt, be brave little one.

    As OTL what he is going to do with the washing line pole? as the hole gets deeper the washing will be l lower and the drape in the mud and TM wont be happy.xx

  2. Will there be a fish with this chip? As for the hole, I can see a small pile of earth that OTL has excavated but it doesn't seem to be much of a hole. At this rate you and Holly will be old and double grey when this pond is finished, please help him out!!

  3. Poor OTL, bad back, hay fever, what next!

    So the Wheatear got his breakfast then so it is poor butterfly.

    Go give OTL a hand he needs your help