Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tuesday is Sunday!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Old Two Legs was doing his 'Good Owner' bit last night. You see, Holly has eaten something that has upset her tummy, so, after our late night wee at eleven we all marched off to bed.

Around twelve thirty, Holly makes it to the back door and give one of her 'I Wanna Go Out' woofs. So, down stairs goes OTL, very much asleep 'cos he had just got into the 'Deep Sleep' part his sleep cycle!

Well done OTL, Holly comes back and races OTL upstairs for the best space on the bed!

Holly wins but is thrown off by OTL who wants his bit of the bed back and all to his self!

Around two thirty, guess what? Yep! There is Holly doing her 'I Really Have to Go Out NOW' woof.

OTL staggers down stairs, bouncing off the walls and bumping into the kitchen door!

Holly rushes out, just in time and gets her butt washed when she come back in 'cos as OTL says, she's got a 'Grubby Butt'!

Holly beats OTL to the bed and gets thrown off again!

Around three forty five, we hear the 'I Really Got to GO OUT AGAIN.......NOW!' woof from Holly.

Good OTL, but this time he almost falls down the stairs 'cos his eyes are still closed and he is on 'Auto Pilot' mode and he has put his dressing gown on back to front!

He manages to bump into everything in his way and stub his injured big toe on the coffee table.

OTL is not a happy OTL!

Holly makes it out to the garden just in time and gets her butt washed and polished again!

At six, OTL has to get up 'cos he has to get the caravan down to the servicing place.

OTL is not in a good mood!

We have our morning walk and it is all misty and a chilly wind! What happened to the sunshine we were promised??

As we were strolling along, Holly says that her tummy feels much better now!

We meet up with Vinny and he has a sniff and says that Holly has a 'Flowery' sniff about her, we don't tell him it's the shampoo!

Mmmmm! Flowers!
OTL went off with the caravan but we had to stay at home with The Missus 'cos after the caravan OTL had to go to have his eyes tested!

Judging by the way he was crashing into things last night, we reckon he needs new glasses with stronger lenses or maybe radar fitted to his head!

When he came back we went out to The Marsh and had a good chase along the sea wall.

There were loads of Canada Geese swimming around and there were some baby geese as well.

The Mother was calling out for them to 'Keep in Line!'

You there, keep in line!
Holly said that they would make a tasty roast snack while we were watching television in the evening!

I saw one of the Male Canada Geese heading towards me, so I kept very low, very quiet and made sure my tail was up to make me look like a duck!

Come to Daisy!
Before they got close enough for me to catch, one decided I was not a Goose or Ducky Thing and raised the alarm, off they went all honking and squawking!

Hello Little Ducky Thing..........Ooooops!
Back home for a snooze before dinner and we even got to watch OTL take some of the earth out to the front of the house to await the arrival of the skip tomorrow.

 We may even get to have our picture taken in the pond, providing the sun keeps shining!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly (With a clean Butt!)


  1. Poor OTL send him to Specsavers, although I take that back. OTL did a wonderful job of those Ducklings all in line. Great shot that even though you had a bad night. XX

  2. Glad Holly is better, on your home front things seem to be moving, now a skip (watch out, don't get in it, the man that brought it might come back to collect it in a rush).
    Did I read that right, you are hoping to get your picture taken by the "pond" really??? Wow.
    Love the goslings all in a row, also you two, of course. xx

  3. yeah I agree with mike and Sue ... the gosling's picture is lovely !! Just like you two! xxxxxx

  4. The mind boggles OTL banging off the walls at 0230. I bet he didn't have it goggles on.

    I have this picture of OTL with new glasses and a radar scanner on the top of his head

  5. Oh dear another mistake, even my wife got it right. Never mind I am a slow learner can't keep up with you bird boffins. Lol xx