Thursday, 21 June 2012

A Hunting Trip to find Squirrels and Lupins!

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

We saw a strange sight when we went out for our morning 'Patrol' along The Sea Wall, there, in the early morning mist, sailing up the Thames, just opposite Southend on Sea was a big ship. A really big cruise ship with two words painted on the side,  Peace Boat!

It's the Peace Boat!
Now, we were a little unsure what was happening, are we at war with anyone who would send a boat up the Thames? Is it one of those 'Trojan Horses' in the shape of a ship, is it a Ghost Ship?

We woofed a couple of times to say 'Hello' but it just kept sailing up the Thames heading for Tilbury.

Wasn't that where Elizabeth I did that moral boosting speech, you know, 'I may have the body of a weak and feeble  woman but we're gonna kick some Spanish Butt if they think they can set foot on my patch' or something like that!

Off we went leaving it sailing up the Thames and we went hunting Rabbit!

We found some but as soon as they saw us, they ran away!

Spanish Rabbit?
Maybe they were Spanish Rabbits and they had heard us doing the Queen Elizabeth I speech as we marched along the path!

Old Two Legs had some work to get shipped. so after we left the carriers we went down to The Forest again, it was a bit Boggy 'cos it had rained over night but it didn't stop us hunting squirrels!

We see Squirrels!
Not that we caught any, too much noise from a class of children having a Nature Lesson in the forest!

.....and this is a Tree!
We had a good laugh at OTL, poor thing. suffers from Hay Fever and he has been getting it bad the last few weeks. When you are trying to take a picture it's no good pressing the button and going HAaaaa CHOOOOO!

It makes the picture all wobbly!

So you can imagine the trouble he has been having trying to photograph the Wild Lupins in the forest.

There he is, on his knees with a nettle tickling his chin and a load of grass pollen making a bee line for his nose!


Another wobbly picture!

Wild Lupins
He must have taken about a hundred pictures but they we all wobbly! These are the only ones he got that are worth showing!

Really Wild Lupin!

We are waiting for The Missus to telephone to tell OTL to pick her up, but it doesn't stop us from rushing to the window every time we hear a noise, just in case it's her!

Friday tomorrow and we may be out squirrel hunting again, if there is no rain!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly and (WHAaaaa  CHOOOoooo!)   OTL!


  1. I'll be home soon ... Super flower pictures OTL ! xx

  2. Lovely Lupin shots OTL despite the sneezing.

    See the rabbits got away yet again. XX

  3. Archie says to tell you girls, frogs don't taste of chicken, or at least ours don't ....... he had a good lick and he reckons they taste of muddy water ....... ewwwww x

  4. So listen to Archie and don't try the frogs!
    Beautiful wild lupin shots OTL, sorry about the sneezing, also the lovely little rabbits, much too quick for you.
    Glad TM is on her way back, chicken or liver for dinner Friday and for OTL I bet a curry. xx

  5. I can't see why you didn't get those two wabbits. If you had been closer they would have got you.

    I still haven't got my hat, shame on you......