Friday, 6 July 2012

Fun Friday

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

We have seen some newish things today including a dead Mole!

We were out with Old Two Legs and he had taken us on a path behind all the trees and overlooking a reed bed. We think he was looking for dragonflies and stuff like that.

Well the first thing we came across was a pile of feathers, so that means the Sparrow hawk has been active. Then we spotted the dead mole. It must had died during the night but we couldn't work out what it had died of!

One Dead Mole!
OTL said we should leave it along 'cos it may have died of a terrible affliction that was bad for dogs!

So, we left it alone!

Next we looked at the Spiky Leaf Sort of Thistle Type of Plant and noticed it had yet another bloom open this morning, so, OTL just couldn't resist!

Another Bloom!
Then we met up with Barney, he was having a good time chasing his ball. While OTL and his owner were having a chat, Barney dropped his ball at her feet expecting her or OTL to throw it for him,  but this time it rolled off the path and headed towards the mud.

Barney was told to go and fetch it but he said that if he got his paws muddy he would be in trouble, so, if his owner wanted the ball, she can get it her self!

Getting Barney's Ball!
That Barney can be so masterful sometimes!

Next we spotted this super looking snail with a super swirly shell. OTL tried to take a photo but he couldn't get the camera low enough to get a good shot.

Pretty but not good enough!
So, OTL picked up the snail and sat it on the top step. Now that was OK but the snail was so frightened by the 'Flying Through The Air' bit that it refused to come out of it's shell and smile for the camera!

No I'm not coming out again!
Not that we blamed him!

Tomorrow we hope to get a bit bird watching, in if it stops raining!

If not, then it's all sit down and watch the F1 qualifying at Silverstone. Holly says that this year they will be using rowing boats instead of cars if it keep raining!

Bye for now.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Not that keen of the Mole but a Super snail shot Daisy 7-10 for effort, even though OTL scared the life out of him. XX

  2. Poor snail,there I was minding my own ......

    Nice picture wot

  3. Love the snail picture ... did Barney get his ball back ?