Friday, 24 August 2012

We're in The Naughty Corner, Again!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & Mac Holly (Specialist Rabbit Hunters) here!

We started off this morning with our normal run on our Private Beach, Holly and I had a chase around woofing at the Nelly Fish that had landed overnight! Holly was doing her trick of heading a lump of seaweed she had tossed into the air shouting her famous cry of, 'On Me Head Sunshine!'

On Me 'Ead!
There was a duck thing sitting on the rocks and Old Two Legs and another caravanner were wondering what it was, OTL was sneaking forward over the rocks to try to get a picture, so we both did our Big Woof and the duck flew off before OTL could get a proper picture!

In the end, everyone decided it was a young Eider duck in Eclipse, or changing plumage!

Off we went for our adventure and first of all OTL stopped in Port Charlotte and unloaded his super duper camera and commenced to take pictures of the lighthouse across the harbour.

We were locked up inside the car 'cos OTL said that we would be running all over the place and into the road, which would not be a good idea and could end up with us being hurt!

After that we went down the road to our beach and had a run, problem was, OTL kept us on our leads! He reckons we would run off the beach across the road and into the bracken to chase rabbits!

As if we would!

A Restricted Swim!
Next it was off to a new place, it was a super beach with no one on it, the beach had been fenced off to keep the sheep from poo'ing on the sand!

So, OTL let us off our leads thinking we would go and have a paddle in the waves.

No way! Holly and I soon discovered some rabbit holes in the dunes and we were both into them, right up to our tail end!

OTL was not a Happy Puppy and grabbed me from behind and dragged me out of the hole, put a lead on me and called for Holly!

Holly was also into a hole, up to her tail end but she heard OTL and backed out, then, seeing me on the lead decided that chasing rabbits was more fun than paddling! So, she took off further down the beach where there were more rabbit holes, on the way she noticed a gate that had not been secured properly, and shot through that into the field where there were loads and loads of rabbits running about having a morning game!

That was it, OTL started off after Holly, Holly started off after the Bunnies and I was tied up to the fence post!

In the end Holly got captured, thrown onto OTL's shoulder and marched back to the place where I was tied up!

The beach was great and we had loads of fun, but we were clipped onto the lead and not let off!

Well, It's Your Fault!

 There was miles of beach with rabbit holes all the way around!

Jus' Look at The Rabbit Holes!
 As Holly says Ooooo! Rabbit Holes!
A Sheep Stopper?

We were restricted to the lead for the rest of the day, you know, we even had to get through a Sheep Stopper while yoked together!

So, off to the next beach, now this one was super duper and a bit more!

The beach was wide, the sand was soft, the rabbit holes were everywhere!

We were kept on the lead!

All this And Rabbits!
 Off we went again and this time OTL found an old church and grave yard to photograph. He made us stay in the car saying that with our record of digging he was not going to risk us leaving the graveyard with a bit of some ones Granny!

While he was in there, a rainbow started to grow across the other side of the inland loch, even Holly said that it would make a good picture!

Start of a rainbow!
When we got back we stopped off at the local beach for a stroll, it had to be a stroll 'cos we were still restricted to the lead!

This is one of the pictures OTL took, sort of Sand, Sea and Rocks!

Beach Sand & Rocks
Back to the caravan for some wonderful meat dinner, you see, The Missus wanted to give us a change from chicken, (Why?) so she got OTL to buy some stewing steak, but, The Missus picked up a pack of meat from the stewing steak section that really was Rump Steak some one had tossed into the wrong tray.

So, we had a brilliant meal tonight, and, we got enough left over for another meal of Rump Steak before we go home!

Do we live well or wot!

Bye bye for now.

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy & Mac Holly


  1. You girls certainly have a lovely life with TM & OTL .......... Archie is licking his lips at the sound of rump steak ..... so am I xx

  2. Hi Girls,
    Super story and GREAT landscapes, thanks for sending the rain down here, we don't want it.
    Laptop playing up so must cut it short. XXX

  3. You sent the rain to me too 1.6 mm in an hour and a half, you can have it back.

    In trouble as always you two.

    Nice shots.