Tuesday, 25 September 2012

OTL is not a Happy Puppy!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

Oh Woe and Doom!

OTL is not in a good mood!

Last night his new super duper laptop that is supposed to be the dogs Doo Dars went into terminal decline! It is less than a year old and a message flashed up on the screen.....'Your Hard Drive is About to FAIL!'

Several phone calls and a visit to the local Computer Super Store means that Old Two Legs is without his computer and all the photo processing software!

So now he is reduced to taking photos using JPEG files!

This is one he took of Holly last night.

Holly and her Chew!
OK, it was done without any flash and at ISO6400 1/15 sec at F5.3 but it is nowhere near the standard he normally produces!

Shame Innit?

Now he has got to live in the real world!

This morning we were up good and early, the rain is still pouring down and really, we didn't want to go out for a walk, even if we were walking around with our legs crossed!

In the end we had to go and it rained all the way there but stopped as we got out of the car and the sun shone!

After our mooch around I suggested a running race along The Sea Wall and we would leave OTL behind!

Look, I said, here is the starting line!

Start Here!
 Off we went like the wind, I was in the lead but Holly was gaining on the bends!

Then, all of a sudden, Holly stops and says 'WOW! Just get a load of this sniff!'


Well, that was it, I skidded to a halt and ran back to where Holly was sniffing. Unknown to me, Holly sneaked off while I was sniffing and crossed the finishing line!

Sneaky or Wot!

Holly's The Winner!
OTL spotted a big cloud heading our way, so we didn't hang about too long and on top of that we left home with the sniff of lambs heart being cooked for our breakfast!

Yes, interesting, but not as good as Lambs Heart!
Lunch time came and OTL took us down the New Park and we tried the 'WOW Look At This' trick on OTL.

WOW! OTL Look!
 Trouble was, he wasn't interested and said he had seen that trick this morning!

 We carried on but half way around the walk, it started to rain, again, so, back to the car and sit there until the rain stopped.

OTL put our coats on and tried to get us out in the park again but we had just about finished with walking in the wet grass and decided to go back to the car!

On the way we met a young pup who was all excited about walking in the wet grass but we made our excuses and left him to get on with it!

Nah! Your on your own young lad!
 Back home, after a rub down we spent some time catching up on our snoozing in the day beds.

Not sure what OTL has for dinner tonight but Holly and I will be getting a bit, that's for sure!

We have looked at the forecast for the rest of the week and it looks like Friday the sun comes back and stays until Monday, that's when the rain returns!

Claws crossed, if it in sunny we may get a trip out 'cos we haven't been out on an adventure for some time!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. I think OTL'S piccies are lovely. I think that Holly is very sneaky. xxx

  2. Hi girls,

    Well poor OTL, more stress, still never mind you two had a good day anyway so that's all that counts.
    Like the puppy, what the heck is it going to be when it grows up? Hope the rain stays off your backs. XXX

  3. Yeah ... that Holly is a sneaky pup! x

  4. Oi, who's nicked my comment that I put up a 5pm, sneaky blog. XX

  5. Ohy dear, I do hope the laptop can be fixed very soon, still the pics today of super. Hope you enjoyed the heart, TM does look after you, plenty more sniffs tomorrow and perhaps more heart. xx

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  7. I hope it was backed up as I bet all the drive needed is to format it and reinstall.

    Microsoft error messages are stupid and only pick a message that is near to the fault. We all must have had the printer message out of paper when it is not. Normally that is a bent sensor.

    Not bad pictures