Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Too Much Wet!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

What a Yucky day it has been. We have been looking out of the window getting ready for a run around the garden but every time we look out, it's raining!

Our walks have been timed to be in between the rain showers instead of when we normally go out!

Mind you, it does let us show off our new rain coats.

Here is me looking terribly smart and doing the 'Puppy Pose' to accentuate the fine lines of my super slim figure!

Daisy looking Good!
 Holly did a bit of posing for Old Two Legs and said that she looked Classy and Sophisticated in her coat!

Classy or Wot?

 In the end we decided that we were both Sophisticated Sisters!


 OTL was off trying to photograph rain drops, like, there wasn't enough of them all over the place already!

Rain Drops keep falling on my Leaf!
We spotted a Black Cap in the bushes but the bird was too far away to get a clear shot, so you will have to put up with this wobbly one!

Black Cap.

We spotted Mr Corvid looking for a meal, he said he fancied a bit of Sushi but the gulls must have had it all!

Still looking for Sushi!
We decided that OTL should try some 'Fashion Shots' of us in our coats and we wanted a 'Classic Look', so here is what we got!

First of all there is Holly.

Cool Holly!

 And Me!

Darling Daisy!
Now OTL said that he could do Sepia but then remembered that the tools for doing that were on his laptop, and we know where that is at the moment don't we!

Every time we look out of the window it is raining and every time we have a snooze, the sun comes out!

Not to worry, we are looking forward to a day out on Saturday with OTL and we have been promised sun shine for that!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (Looking Good, no matter what the weather!)


  1. You both look beautiful in your coats and the pictures OTL took of you make you both look like super models. Archie hates his coat but maybe one day he'll let me get a picture of him, he says he feels stupid in it ...... I think he looks very cute though. Hoping for some dry weather for you soon. xxxx

  2. Hi Girls,
    yes it has been a wet one, mind you you look great in you new coats.
    Why does OTL want to turn you both grey? The weather is grey enough as it is. XXX

  3. You both look gorgeous in your coats ...xx

  4. Those coats are just so Eurochic!

  5. Wow, those coats certainly do the bizz, you both look so elegant and cosy. As for OTL giving you a picture of raindrops to add to your post, I will not comment further! Only to say that TM droplets are much better on her card making, no competition.
    Sun is shining here at the moment so I hope you are all out having a lovely run around, look forward to tomorrow to see you again. xx